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Monday, July 4, 2011

Zhu Zhu Summer Ice Cream Fun

Zhu Zhu Pets have thought of another cute theme- Ice Cream! What a perfect time of the year to do it.

Doesn't the sound of the ice cream truck slowly winding down the street take you back to your childhood days?

It does for me. Now, your children can pretend it's ice cream time all day long with the new Zhu Zhu pets Ice Cream playset.

What are Zhu Zhus, you ask? I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Zhu Zhu pets are the popular, cute hamsters that make adorable hamster sounds and run around your house.

They come in different colors and different playsets. I've written about them before here.

This theme is a new one and consists of a Zhu Zhu Pets Ice Cream Parlor, a Zhu Zhu Pets Ice Cream Truck, and new Zhu Zhu pets in pastel colors-my favorite is the pink one.

The kids had fun playing with this set. The ice cream truck can be driven by a Zhu Zhu pet, . The ice cream shop has a drive through with ice cream and plates.

This looks like it's geared towards girls with all the pretty colors, but the boys liked it just as much.

If you are looking for something for your kids to do, Zhu Zhu Pets Ice Cream Fun is a great summertime treat for your kids.

I was given a Zhu zhu Ice Cream play set and zhu zhu pets to review by MomSelect.