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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Contest and Work at Home Site

It's the last couple of days of our contest, so make sure you enter!
I've also decided to list any new reviews that have gone up on my review site.
If that wasn't enough, I had started a blog to go along with my other website, but, never really went anywhere with it. I've decided to start it up again with great tips for those working at home and/or those wanting to work from home. I'll post the link when it's up and running.
Did I mention that my contest has only two more days?
Leave a comment, people!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A gift for the hell of it.

Yesterday, my oldest and my husband went to the apartment complex that she wants to move into because they had an open house while I stayed home with the two younger ones.
They had called me to ask what Hannah Montana cd that Emily wanted (yes, she's three and has the cd collection of a twelve year old) so my husband could pick one up on the way home and surprise her. I was like, ok, cool. I can get some stuff done while she sings to her new cd for hours in her room.
When they got home, he put the bag in front of her and she was all smile from ear to ear and squealed after realizing what was in the bag. She ran off to do the Hannah Montana shuffle and I was about to thank the hubby for getting that for her when he put his other hand out and gave me a shiny silver bag. I looked in it to see a wrapped jewelry box.
"Oh boy," I said, gleaming. "What is this?"
"Open it," answered my husband.
I opened it to find a silver journey necklace with diamonds. Wow, my husband hasn't bought me something like this for a long time.
I gave him a tight hug and a kiss and told him someone's gonna get lucky. I smiled and looked at my new piece of jewelry and then I quickly frowned and looked at him.
"What?" he asked puzzled.
I cocked my head to the side and crossed my arms over my chest.
"What did you do?"

Monday, July 28, 2008

From corn dogs to Hannah Montana

My weekends usually consist of errand running, house cleaning, photo sessions and then more house cleaning and errand running. This weekend, I decided to get everything done Friday so we could actually have some quality family time together since Jesse (husband) actually had a Saturday off from his second job.
We decided to go downtown to the Bix Fest to see what vendors were there this year and maybe get something to eat (since the hubby was buying!) I was surprised to see a DRASTIC cut in the vendors- I think there were a total of four compared to blocks and blocks of vendors in the previous years. I guess the economy had something to do with it, but luckily, the food vendors still came and people were generously shoveling out bucks to them even at the inflated prices that they charge for a hot dog or lemonade. I guess a hot dog just tastes different when bought at a festival or fair.
As we sucked down our smoothies, we walked through the festival and my littlest got a tom- tom drum from a vendor and I could kicked myself for not buying one of their Indian style bracelets. I love the artistic look of the knotted and weaved bracelets and I never seem to find just what I'm looking for at regular stores. Oh, and my son was there too-kept forgetting that I have a son since we barely see him outside his room. I asked him if he was having trouble walking since he actually have to use his legs.
We actually went to the library afterwards- if you knew our family, you would fall over if we told you we all went to the library. Together. As a family. That's how busy our lives are.
My husband was good about it and even took Emily to the kids section while I checked something on the library's computer.
Later, that evening, after a quick tour of the birth center for my daughter(Ok, I wasn't able to totally get rid of all my errands!) we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant (Steak-n-Shake) I might be a bit biased about that place since I used to work there as a waitress when I was younger. We had a great time there, minus the complaining from my son about being out in public still and something about the bright lights hurting his eyes.
Then, we ended the evening at home, watching the Hanna Montana Concert in 3D- which ended up with me being the only one left watching it after everyone else (Emily included) left out of boredom. I even watched it twice. I was all like, this is cool! And, whoa-that hand almost came out and smacked me!
I know, I'm a dork.
So, it was nice to get to know my family again and at least the kids will have a couple of family "get together" stories to tell when they get older and this one can be titled, The Night Dorky Mom Went Crazy Over Hannah Montana.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who needs the Olympics?

I love to clean Emily's room because when it's clean, she will play in there for hours. This allows mama to get stuff done that needs to be done. Between running to the hospital and everything else that made our week hectic, we haven't had the chance to clean it. This morning, I made it my goal to get it back into shape before the weekend of watching football (husband's request) and well, maybe a baby being born.
It took me an hour to find a place for all her stuff. This can be very hard to do, since she has every toy and room accessory possible in pink. And yes, I KNOW nothing matches, but you try to reason with a three year old who is the most head strong individual known to mankind.
So, I left her in her clean room that she could now walk through and went merrily on my way.
After about a half an hour later, she comes out and tells me that she wants to watch tv. I asked why didn't she just watch it in her room? She replies, "Because I can't get to it."
This is what I found next:
Here we go again...

A mouthful

Emily just got back from the dentist this morning after having some work done on a bad tooth. Last night, her cheek had blown up like a balloon while we were at the store. After a panic attack of wondering if I should take her to the walk in clinic or wait until the morning, I decided to call the dentist to see if they thought it might have something to do with her teeth. He called in some antibiotics and told me to call first thing in the morning to get in.
Turned out that she had a bad cavity and some others that she'll have to come back to have fixed too.
While I blame it on my side of the family having bad teeth, the dentist blames it on nursing for too long. (she would not give it up until almost two)
Geesh, I guess it's true that everything is blamed on the mother!

And the heavens opened up...

What a glorious way to start the weekend!

Finally, finally, daughter broke up with her piece of shit boyfriend!!!

It actually happened a couple of days ago, but I wanted to make sure before I got my hopes up that it was official and now it is officially official.

What triggered this most joyous event? Well, that egotistical pompous ass thought it was ok to hang out with her best friend for a couple of days straight and barely contact my daughter during those days and I think that was finally the straw to break the camel's back for her and she told him it was over. He still thinks he did nothing wrong. Oh, and as for the girlfriend? She probably wouldn't even blink an eye if the girl was found tied up in the desert and vultures were eating her eyes out.

I've never seen her more happy (after going through the first day of crying, of course- after all, she was betrayed). She has her old friends back now- since he pretty much drove all of them away when they were together. She even is talking to a boy that was a friend of hers. So, all is well again except that he is now trying to cause trouble with the baby. Something I already saw coming but I'd rather deal with that then watching my daughter throw her life away staying with this loser.

Now, we are taking steps to keep him away from the hospital during her birth-at her request. We were told that she can bring a photo of who she doesn't want there and the nurses will take care of it. (I guess the pictures I took of them the other day had a good purpose after all!)

If you see this boy, please take him over your knee and spank him.

One thing I've noticed during this whole ordeal, was that she reminds me alot of me when I was younger and how I was with boys. I understand how hard it can be to get out of a bad relationship and I had plenty of bad boys! Thank God I finally settled down and decided to look for a good guy- though I did have good boys come along before but they were boring to me- just like my daughter turned away the "boring" ones. I hope she learns too, that good guys can be fun too. Right, Hubby?

Don't get me wrong, my husband is FAR from perfect, but we have a relationship that understands us and we can work through the hard times and have the same interests and we compliment each other-though, there are times I want to kill him!

But, today I just want to sit back and smile every time I look at my daughter's "old" smiling face-I haven't seen that girl in a long while.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I killed my husband-not really

Yesterday was my daughter's first birth class at the hospital and since I am her designated coach, I had to go with. As usual, we were rushed, running to the store for snacks and grabbing pizza slices for the kids to eat on the way to Grandma's house since she was going to watch them since my husband had to work. With a quick kiss on Emily's head and a quick Don't Give Grandma a Hard Time By Teasing Your Little Sister speech to Jordon, we were off with only ten minutes to get across town.
We were five minutes late and not even sure where to go when we spotted a pregnant couple carrying food walking ahead of us and decided to follow them. Luckily, they were going to the class and not into labor and we found ourselves in a room full of young couples. There was one other female "couple"- a young mom-to-be and her friend, so we didn't stick out too much. Our instructor had to be the most happiest person in the world. She had a joke to tell with almost every sentence she spoke. If I had her as a doula, I think I would end up taking the strap that holds the monitoring equipment on you(she even made a joke about that damn strap) and wrap it around her neck and make her swear not to joke, smile or even laugh until the kid came out.
This class was a bit boring, since I've had three kids and know pretty much how everything goes in the birthing department, so out of boredom, I began to count how many times Miss Happy joked about something. (In case you wondered, Miss Happy, you made 17 jokes in the first hour.)
I happened to look down at my purse while nodding off and noticed 4 missed calls on my cell phone. Oh God! Someone is hurt and they've been trying to get a hold of me! I flipped through my calls and see that they are all from my husband with no message. He always does that-calls and leaves no message so I don't know what he wanted-I'm so going to kill my husband.
Of course I start to panic, thinking that something may be wrong. I couldn't call in the classroom, so I left the room and went out in the hallway to call my mom to see if the kids were ok. I then decided that maybe I should go outside so nobody can hear me. So, I went outside and called my mom and everybody was fine-good. I tried my husband's cell and no answer, of course. I figured then that he must of forgot that we had a class and probably just wanted me to go to the store and get him some snacks or something. So I went to go back inside and the doors wouldn't open- oh crap! Now, I'm locked outside and all I can think of is that Miss Happy will have now have another joke to add to her show- I'm SO going to kill my husband.
I decided to run to the front door and hopefully, someone will see me and let me in. Luckily, I saw one of the dads from the class standing in the hallway by the sliding doors and he smiled as I waved and gave a nervous laugh.
After he let me in, I spotted my daughter and she's like, what happened? I told her about the non opening doors and she said that the teacher let everyone go on break about two minutes after I left and let everyone know that if you go outside, make sure someone is there to let you back in-I'm SO going to kill my husband.
After break, I suffered through the rest of the boring class, barely staying awake and thank God, Miss Happy laughed loudly at her own jokes to stir me up to save me from accidentally snoring.
When class was over, I grabbed the kids from Grandma (oh, BTW Mom, Emily was up til 11pm-did she have caffeine??) I hurried home to- you guessed it- kill my husband.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogher conference? Are you done? I'm here!

Ok, I'm sure that yesterday everyone had wonderful Blogher conference stories to tell. Or perhaps, those of you that spent yesterday getting back to your normal routines and you will blog today about all the little goodies that you learned or all the wonderful bloggers you met.
That's why I didn't bother to post yesterday about my little life, for I feared that nobody cared about me for a bit.
Ok, is my jealousy showing a tad bit? YES, I'm am! I admit it. I wanted to go but alas, not this year. Maybe when they ever go to Chicago I will go. I'm not sure how it works- I'm new to this. Do they hold it in different states?
So, while you were all at the Blogher conference, I discovered a great community-Mom Bloggers Club . I love this place! I will definitely include it in my book and plan on trying to get an interview with the creators. I received a warm welcome by alot of bloggers and hopefully, I few new readers.( hint, hint.)
Also, my contest is almost over, so enter! Please? Pretty please?
My contest has actually been the least of my concerns lately. We've been holding our breath, hoping that my daughter's boyfriend would sign up for the Army and the clouds would open up and angels would come down from Heaven and sing beautiful songs...Ok, I'm getting carried away. I'm just saying that it would make life much easier for everyone if he went away for awhile and if the Army would make him a man.
Well, we got the news and I was just wondering what terrible thing I did to piss God off.
The dumb ass apparently has a bum knee (always some excuse) so, they want him to do therapy for a month before he can go AND he has to pay for it himself, which won't happen since he quits his jobs all the time.
So, now he'll be here for the baby's birth-damn. My only hope is that my husband's dream he had 9 months ago totally comes true- he had a dream that my daughter was pregnant (came true) she was due in August (came true) and the father wasn't there for the birth-can we get a three out of three, people?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Saturday post-woo hoo!

I don't usually post on the weekends, but I felt the urge to write and well, you have to write when you need to write!

Today, I need to catch up on a ton of reviews that have been coming my way this week. Yes, I nudged everyone to send me the goodies and then I end up behind. I do feel like it's Christmas with all the packages coming to my door!
I'm also working on a book-not my fiction book- A new one about blogging. This blogging thing fascinates me and I have been doing research and have a great idea for a blogging book. I'm looking for any bloggers that have been doing it for awhile and have some advice for newbies. I'm going to feature twelve bloggers to be in my book and if you would like to be one of them, give me a shout.
I'm also supposed to take pictures of my daughter and her piece of shit boyfriend that she wants to have for the baby. I'm not looking forward to it cause I'm sorry, but I really hate the guy. He's supposed to sign up for the Army but I really don't think he'll go through with it since he never does what he says he's going to do. I think that would be the best thing for him to shape up his life if you ask me. (But, whoever does?)
My biggest hope would be that he gets shipped out for training and misses being at the hospital for the birth. I know, I know. How can I be so cruel? Well, I'm actually saving his life from some very angry male relatives of Jessica that will be there and want to kill him.
Anyway, I think I might get out of doing the photos because it's raining right now and I only do sessions outside.
The downside of it raining is that I intended to do some landscaping today-yes, me do yard work. We'll see how that goes-hell, I'll even take photos of the before and after for those of you that have absolutely nothing better to do in your lives but to look at my freakin yard. ha ha.
My Saturdays also usually involve handing out business cards to poor unsuspecting dog owners to let them know about my dog artwork-can't do that now either.
So, it should have been a busy day, but now it may just be a lazy rainy day.
Oh yeah, I still got those reviews to do and a book to write-damn.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh baby

Those of you that follow my blog (bless you!) know that my oldest is due next month. I've gone through many emotions over the past months and I've earned a few more grey hairs. These months have gone by fast and before we know it, we'll be greeting a new addition to the family. One more to love, pick on, hug, give a nickname that they will live with their entire life-one more to call family in our lives.
Just as I have come to reality about being a grandma, we are facing a new dilemma. Well, I call it that. My daughter calls it the best freakin thing to happen to her. What is this wonderful new situation we have to deal with? Let me tell ya-She wants her own place.
Come on, now. I've just faced the fact that my little girl was grown up enough to have sex (sorry, a bit of throw up just came up my throat) and get pregnant.
Ok, so I've accepted that-for the most part. Now, my baby thinks she wants her own place.
I just lost my baby totally, I think to myself. Now, I can totally know how my mom felt when I told her that I wanted to get my own place at nineteen and then went to Europe for a boy and then got pregnant at twenty-sorry, Mom.
When I told her that I wouldn't be able to breathe not knowing if she was ok 24 hours a day and that I would be calling her every half and hour, she said, "Yeah, I can see you showing up at my doorstep at 5 am with the cops if I don't answer the phone."
Don't tell her, but I already planned on doing that.
So, I guess its time for me to start growing up and trust my kids to do the right thing when they decide to leave the nest. Who knows, this could be fun. If the baby didn't live here, I could be one of those grandmas that spoil the hell out of them and then send them home to get back at every rotten thing my kid did to me. Paybacks are hell.
My husband took the news a bit better. When we brought up the idea to him, he got a big smile on his face and just said, "Now we can get a pool table!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dog days of summer

I came across the photo of Emily in front of the big fountain in Vander Veer Park and realized that summer's end is just around the corner.
We've been complaining about the heat lately, but in the next couple of months we'll be begging for it when it's below zero. Damn, are we ever satisfied?

Don't mess with me


Do not talk to me until I've had my first cup of coffee.

The comforts of home

Last night, I decided to watch the Sex and the City dvds to prepare to see the movie since I am a die hard fan. I had forgotten how beautiful they all look and it has made me realize that I really don't go out of my way to impress anyone anymore and sometimes I realize that I've got the same thing on from the day before-argh!
Working at home makes it so easy to slob out and wear sweats, no makeup and not doing your hair- I am there right now!
Moms who work outside the home probably would kill to not have to get up and put the war paint on, dress up and all the fun stuff. The really strange thing about me is, I really miss getting dolled up but I just can't seem to find the time and I don't know how I ever managed before.
So, I decided that starting today, I am making a change in my life. (I know Honey, I can hear the 'thank-you' already even though you would never say anything out loud!)
I'll keep you updated on my progress if you care-Look out, Carrie, here comes Tess!

Monday, July 14, 2008

A new kind of married life

Every Sunday we go to my mom's house and take her to the mall or what not so she can visit with the kids. This Sunday wasn't unlike any other usual Sunday. We were sitting in the kitchen talking about stuff and some how got on the topic of my mom and marriage. (My mom and dad split when I was ten and my dad remarried a couple of times. )
While we were talking, Emily was busy playing with toys in the living room and not really paying attention to our conversation until she caught the word marriage. She is totally fascinated with the topic of marriage and weddings for some reason. ( She says she is going to marry Zach or Cody from Suite Life on Disney)
Anyway, she popped up, big eyed and with a smile on her face and came over to Grandma and asked, "You were married, Grandma?"
"Yes," answered my mom.
Then, she asked the oddest thing next.
"Were you married to boy or a girl?"
"A boy," answered my mom-without blinking an eye, I might add.
"Oh. Ok." answered Emily and went about her business.
This made me start thinking-Will this be the common question for our children's generation?
What do you think?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How a princess thinks

Emily: Daddy, do you work tomorrow?
Daddy: Nope, I'm off.
Emily: You can go shopping with me, Grandma and Mommy.
Daddy: Oh goody!
Emily: Yep. And Daddy?
Daddy: What, Princess?
Emily: You know what I'm going to let you do?
Daddy: What?
Emily: I'm going to let you buy me something!
Daddy: I'm the luckiest daddy in the world.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

He is alive, barely.

To all my readers that have asked if my son really exists.
An email states,
Sure, you mention him in your about me section-even show a picture. But really, who is he? You never talk about him.
Well, I finally have a Jordon story for you.
I finally took my son to get his hair cut recently. We kept putting if off and then I couldn't get him to go because he had better things to do apparently. But after looking at his mop every day and him getting tired of me calling him Shaggy from Scooby Doo, we went to the mall to get it done.
Ok, how boring is that, you ask?
If it had been just a simple experience of hair getting cut, I would not bore you. No, when you live my life, you know that things could not go so smoothly.
When we got there they were busy, so we sat down and waited. I noticed the hairdo magazines and began looking through them for what his hair used to look like. I found one close enough and showed my son and for some reason, he didn't want me to show them the picture. I asked why and he rolled his eyes and said that they won't do it right. I was sure that this was the best route to go since his hair had grown so much. Remind me to always listen to my kids.
It was finally our turn and I smiled at the girl and showed her the picture. I told her that they usually use a #2 on the sides and blend the top. (I like the length on top)
She nodded and I sat back down and picked up a magazine and got lost in my thoughts. After about 7 minutes, I realize that the buzzing of the clippers was going on way too long and peeked around the corner to see the lady using the clippers on the top of my son's head, buzzing everything off.
I jumped up and ran to her screaming, "What are you doing?"
She smiled and says, "Oh, did you want it shorter?"
"Shorter?" I spit out, trying to fight back the tears.
I finish with, "You cut TOO much off!"
"Well, " she replied, "You can't do a #2 on the sides and keep any length on the top."
"Huh?" I look at her confused. I continued, "Apparently, you need to tell every freakin other hairdresser this that has ever cut his hair since he was four, cause they obviously don't know what they are doing."
As my brain registered from the shock of that girl shaving my son's hair all off instead of taking the time to cut it. I managed to blurt out as all the other customers stared as they slowly picked up their children and held them tightly.
"This isn't even what I showed you in the book!"
She then put her weapon down and marched over to the sitting area and picked up a different book and asked if that was the book it was in.
Was she really going to try to prove me wrong?
"No," I reply and pick up the right book.
I flipped through the pages until I find the right picture and point to the happy smiling boy on the page with the right haircut.
"THIS, " I calmly state, "is the the cut I wanted. "See? He has hair on the top of his head-apparently they didn't know what they were doing."
She put the book down and started walking back to where my son was sitting.
"Well, you don't have to pay for this," was all she said and picked her weapon back up.
"I would hope not," I replied, staring at the hair clippers, debating whether to jump her for them and shave off half of her hair. I decided that would embarrass my son too much, but a quick glance at him giving me a Mom, I can't believe you are yelling at her in front of all these people look, I figured, Why not? So, I killed her-not really.
I took a deep breath and walked over to the door to save the girl from a brutal death.
After buzzing a few more hairs off my poor child's hair, she brushed him off and walked over to the counter. I walked up to retrieve my son from her, who by now got a look in the mirror and had the same I want to kill her look on his face.
The next thing that she said to me about made my mouth drop to the floor.
"Here is one of our buy 9 haircuts and get your 10th free card."
I wanted to say, "Do you really think I would bring my son back here or anyone to let you totally ignore my wishes and give them whatever damn haircut you feel like without asking me?"
I just looked at her, blinked and said, "No, thanks."
We turned to leave and she stops us and hands us the free gift you get on Tuesdays.
I guess that was her way of saying sorry, because I didn't hear it come out of her mouth once.
We did have some good outcome to this nightmare-
My son got a new hat with the money we saved from the haircut.

Such a life.

Poor Mia, she's lived such a rough life of having 3 meals a day, scratching behing her ears every night, hugs and kisses and getting to sleep in the bed. Now, all that stress is taking a toll on her.
Look at all her grey hair she's getting:

Sleeping beauty

Caught one of the babies sleeping under the covers.
Shhh! Don't wake her, she'll climb up my drapes.

Bug eyes

Mia just saw the biggest squirrel ever.
I told her to go get the squirrel and she just shit her pants instead.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture perfect

Emily frustrated after taking lots of pictures of her modeling our products to review.
What happened to my money ticket modeling career baby?

A day at the park

I needed to take my daughter's 8th month pregnancy pics-we've been taking each month of pregnancy at her request and this weekend was perfect to go to the park and get it done. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and bring my business cards (with a dog treat tied to them) to hand out to anyone with a pet. I didn't do too bad with people taking one and they were actually excited to get something for free. I just had one family that looked at me like I had a pile of nasty dog crap in my hand and if they took it, they would be forced to sell me their first born.
They finally decided to have their kid take it, figuring that if she didn't blow up, it would be safe for them to touch.
I sure hope they won't miss their first born too much- I'll let her write on holidays.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Contest! The Contest!

It's FINALLY here!

What are you talking about, you ask?

The contest! The contest!

Oh yeah, oh yeah- I'm doing the victory dance in my socks and underwear across my hardwood floor!

I'm am so proud to announce that our July Independence Contest is up and running, so PLEASE go over to Reviewing Mama and check it out-you won't be disappointed at what the prizes are!

I will be reviewing some products from these companies throughout July, so you'll want to visit my review column too and they will be including coupon codes too. These companies are very cool and the owners couldn't be nicer. (no, they aren't paying me to say this, though I'd take a nice foot rub)
So, now I shall take the rest of the weekend off by sleeping in, ignoring the whining of the children, the complaining from the husband, the barking and meowing from the hungry pets. Yes, this shall be MY weekend.
Ok, now if you believe that I have this awesome land for sale in Florida- I think it's full of oil too.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is anyone REALLY a perfect parent?

Last week, while we were at the store, my youngest noticed Hello Kitty band aids on the shelf that we were passing by and begged me to buy them. I don't like to get the kind of band aids that have characters or whatever on them because it then turns into her wanting to put them on like stickers and then the whole box gets wasted and for weeks, we're picking them off of our shoes and all over the house.
But this day I was in a hurry and was trying to remember what the heck I went to the store for, so when you have a three year old in your ear at the same time that you are racking your brain for some kind of memory relapse, you can be sure that she won.
When we got home, I was prepared to go rounds with my very stubborn and head strong daughter. Instead, she politely asked to see the box and looked at it for a minute and just said, "These are pretty," and gave it back to me.
I was in shock and awe and didn't quite know what to do but had I known that she was just teasing me, I would have treasured that thirty seconds.
The next seven days straight, she tried every reason possible to have a reason to wear a Hello Kitty band aid. She would "accidentally " fall on the ground and say that she needed a band aid to make her feel better. I would check her pretend "ouch" and tell her that there was no blood so she didn't need a band aid yet. She kicked, screamed and yelled on a daily basis but I can proudly say that I didn't give into her.
Now, I'm sure that anyone reading this are thinking, just give her a damn band aid you mean mother! Well, if I gave into her then we would never break this cycle and my intentions were truly for the good. I read the parent magazines and even watch Super Nanny-she's good. (I bow down to you, oh mighty nanny woman! ) I wanted to be strong and stick to my word since my kids know that I'm a good one for letting them out of being grounded or whatever punishment I had given them at the time.
So then yesterday, we were walking on the sidewalk up to the park and Emily tripped and before I could stop her, she fell onto the cement and when she got up, there was a scraped knee with blood and all.
What was my first reaction?
Before I even realized the words were coming out of my mouth, I blurted out with a big smile,
"Yeah, you finally are bleeding! You can use a Hello Kitty band aid now!"
I looked around to catch the horrid looks of an old couple walking by and a couple of moms grabbing their children and hurrying away.
I was just thankful that they didn't have our license plate number to turn me in, just a description of a woman wearing a shirt saying, Read my blog- and small child with very noticeable blond curly hair- oh shit.