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Thursday, February 28, 2013


We found out this year that Emily was going to need extra help in math and reading. Her school has a couple of after school programs that she's been going to, but we've been looking into other tutoring as well and for this summer when she's not in school. I don't want her to lose any of what she's learned during the year.

I checked into several tutoring programs online and off and they can get pretty expensive. I've found some good ones though, you can find tutors here as well.

If you are thinking about giving your child that extra little boost in academic learning, You should consider the following:

Know your goals:

What kind of help does your child need? Homework help or more then that?
Know your options:

Maybe your child's school has after school like ours does. Ask your child's teacher or counselor.

Check credentials:

Do background checks

Find out their educational background. You want to make sure the teacher has right teaching experience for the topic your child needs.

Test for compatibility:

Watch how your child relates to the tutor and ask for feedback from your child. If their grade doesn't improve, then switch to a different tutor.

Finding — and keeping — a good tutor can be hard, but in the long run your child is worth it!