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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Global Giving-End 7

When living in tropical and subtropical regions of the world people are susceptible to diseases from malaria to hookworm. One of the seven most common neglected tropical diseases is elephantiasis, or lymphatic filariasis.

Elephantiasis is caused by female mosquitos biting on its victims and releasing larvae into one’s skin. Those larvae grow to become millions of micro threadlike worms and invade the lymphatic system of those who have been infected. The worms can live in humans for up to six years. Hard, bulbous, inflamed skin grows in the lower extremities including feet, legs, and genitals.

How can Elephantiasis Be Treated?

While there is no cure to elephantiasis it can be treated and prevented. A single dose of ivermectin and albendazole can treat elephantiasis.

In fact, you can give as little as $12 to our partner End 7 through Global Giving to protect 100 working adults from getting infected with lymphatic filariasis and five other neglected tropical diseases or give $30 to treat 250 children infected with lymphatic filariasis. $12 is all it takes to change a person’s life.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Farty Friday

With school only three weeks in, I hate to have the kids already missing school. Unfortunately, both kids have already caught some bug. First, Jordon-now, Emily.

She woke up this morning with a bad sore throat and a warm forehead. I told her to go back to bed and then I called the school. I know that her teacher this year is very strict-we've been lucky so far with teachers (she's in 2nd grade now) meaning, they've been laid back and not sticklers. NOT that strict teachers are bad, it's just that it's less stress on her.

I'm wondering if all the pressure this teacher has put on her just might of lowered her immune system. I'm afraid we might be in for a tough year!

Anyway, after working on some editing, I checked in on her to see if she needed anything. When I opened her door, I found her dancing in the middle of her room with earphones in her ears and holding her ipod.

I guess not being in class today was enough to perform a miracle cure!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 sites that pay you to blog

If you are a blogger who has struggled to make money, you may be wondering how other bloggers do it. Most of my blogging income comes from affiliate programs, but I do pay posts on a regular basis as well. I don't mind doing them because I get to be creative in my writing.

There are many web services that pay you to write and market their product. I belong to some, but I'm really picky who I sign up for. I've compiled together five sites that I recommend.

1. Sponsored Reviews

Earn cash by writing reviews about advertiser’s products and services. You can choose what advertisers you want to do reviews on. Pay depends on how high your PR is.

2.Get Reviewed

Get paid $20 – $200 to review products and services on your site. I like that you have the opportunity to make more per post.

3. Shvoong

The more abstracts you post at Shvoong, the more chances to attract readers. Create link to your abstract elsewhere(on blogs, forums, your personal homepage, or other sites).

4. Blogvertise

My favorite! The higher your PR, the higher you get offered.

5. Pay U 2 Blog

New to this one, but average payout is $5-I'll post more later about this program.