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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Tricky Treat

Our trick or treat night was last night and it couldn't of been a more perfect night for it. The temperature was just right with no need for a coat, so costumes got their money's worth. My Sleeping Beauty and Dracula children and I started off on our usual path to the usual houses to get treats.

We started out fine and then just like that, Jordon decided that he didn't want to wear his costume. Apparently, he felt that if he wasn't with a group of kids his age trick or treating, then he was too old. I tried to understand this thought process and concluded that it just must not be a cool thing to go with your mom and little sister. So, I stuck his costume in his bag and he volunteered to take her up to the houses to get candy. This turned out to be in his favor because everyone thought he was such a nice big brother to help his little sister that they gave him candy too.
It seemed like we walked at least three miles covering the whole neighborhood and when we got to the last of the houses, we came across a house that belong to people that still trusted the honor system and left a big bowl of candy on their doorstep. On our way over to it, we observed a couple of teenage boys on their doorstep, laughing as they put candy into their bags. I figured that no way was there going to be any candy left in that bowl but the kids insisted on going up and checking. Surprisingly, there was candy still left so Jordon grabbed a handful (must have been cool enough for him) and laughed like the older kids as if he too had gotten away with taking more then his share. Then it was Emily's turn. She walks up to the bowl and takes ONE piece of candy and then gives a big "Bwahhaahahha" laugh like Rico on Hannah Montana does when he gets away with something evil.
We just rolled our eyes and laughed and I thought to myself, Thanks Emily, for giving me something funny to write about in my blog today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Words With A Blogger Wednesday

Okay, here's my first interview!

This interview is with Kim Bloomer from:

Bark n Blog

(This interview will actually be in my book about blogging)

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Dr. Kim Bloomer. I am a veterinary naturopath. My blog name is Bark N Blog ( I do all the blogging for my dog, Shadrach who is a Neo Mastiff.

When did you start blogging and what made you decide to blog?
I started blogging in March of 2004. What made me decide to blog was my dog. He was a pretty horribly abused, malnourished puppy when we got him. Because of that and his poor immune system he not only didn't thrive with traditional veterinary care, he was in fact ailing. Through a series of events, my passion (and at the time my anger) fueled a need inside of me to get out the word about natural animal care - the only thing that had helped my dog get into a much healthier state because it focuses on the whole dog not symptoms. Anyway, I had been reading online "geek"e-zines for a couple of years so I knew about "blogging" - but didn't quite get it. However, when I was submitting an article to an article bank I found out about a blogging software called "Quikonnex" and I thought that it would be far easier to do than a newsletter and also much more viral. I had no idea what I was really doing but I learned and was helped by generous souls who took me under their wings and taught me. I now also do a monthly email newsletter...fancy that! I've also since moved to a different blogging software that has allowed me to be more versatile with the blog.

What kind of blog do you have?

My blog is a dog blog, actually written in "first dog". Originally it was a holistic pet care blog but a business coach helped me to see the humor and the audience connection just using my own personality and love of my dog to convey the same message. Blogging in first dog has been fun but my dog also has a very serious side to him - online and off! It has helped me see things more from a dog's eye view also which is important to the message we share on the nature of a dog, natural dog care and their welfare.

Do you make money from your blog?

Yes, this blog has always made me an income. I didn't say wealthy but it has been an income earner from the first year I started it and not on purpose, it just "happened". Because of my blogging efforts a publisher approached me to write a book on natural dog care. I of course jumped at that opportunity. They asked me to bring a veterinarian on board with me (at the time I did not have my degree in veterinary naturopathy) so I did. That was my first income. Then a new media platform called "Pajamas Media" started and I applied to be one of their bloggers and they accepted me. During this time I changed the blog from blogging in first person to "first dog". I told them that after they had accepted me but they didn't seem to mind that at the time since they were a start-up political news site. I blogged with them for their first year until they got the attention of the mainstream media and then "no longer required my services" LOL! I am still blogrolled on their stie though, so it's all good. But the pay from them was decent. Now I earn from direct, ongoing advertisers on my blog and through affiliate programs I have listed on my blog. All of my advertisers have approached me and asked to purchase advertising to be on my blog.

Really the opportunities to earn from your blog are as endless as your imagination. AND more importantly if you have good content, then your ranking will grow and you will have advertisers asking you to allow them to advertise on your blog.

What do you do to network/promote your blog to bring in readers?
Well I promote my blogs on my website, and I also have mentioned it on my podcast quite a lot. I also cross-link all my sites. Also I blogroll other bloggers who's blogs I like and most of the time they reciprocate. Other times I am approached and asked if they can link to my blog. I always check to make sure this is a blog I want my blog linked to first. Plus blogging affords pingbacks and tagging from others. Another way I promote it is on social networks I belong to.

How do you balance blogging and family?
Family comes first. I'm not a mom - unless you count being a dog mom. But I am a wife, so I make sure that I am offline by a certain time each day. What I've discovered (after much trial and error) is that the world will not end if I don't blog. Also what I do is often spend part of a day blogging all sorts of news that has been sent to me, and then post them up in drafts for those days I don't have time to blog. Then I can just put up a post that has already been written that day. It's all about priorities. I used to spend way too much time online doing this and then I had to get a grip and realize that my family life deserves as much if not more focus. With Web 2.0 and all this social networking I think it can get out of hand. There are only so many hours in a day so we just have to prioritize. Sometimes a YouTube video or a photo with a few words can make a really great blog post - and it won't take up so much of your time if you just have to feed your blog craving!

How frequently do you post?

As with all news, even blogging has its ebbs and flows. During abundance news times I will have a couple of blog posts per day. During slower times once a day - maybe six times per week. Again that is because I took time on a slow day to put blog posts up in drafts so I don't have to rush to get a post done daily. If there is breaking news then I rush to get it up there, otherwise I go with the flow of the day. One of my blogs only gets posted on a couple of times a week during slow times and maybe 4 times per week during busier times.

Do you own a business and blog about your business?

Yes I own a business but natural dog health care IS my business so I just blog what I know. I don't blog about my business per Se, but my podcast listeners and blog readers know I am a naturopath. They know I have a business and the name of that business. I put a link to my site at the end of each blog post like this "Bark N Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom Pet Care" and I hyperlink that back to my site. On my aromatherapy blog do something similar but link back to my essential oils site instead.

What do you recommend to blog about?
I blog about natural dog health and care. I blog about dog welfare and dog issues such as breed specific legislation. I also blog about cool things that are being discovered in science about dogs or about cool new dog items. It is rather eclectic but with a central focus on natural dog health. Why? Because these are what I am passionate about and know about. So blog about what you know or enjoy! That always makes for the best blogging anyway in my opinion. The top bloggers are opinionated and passionate!

Have your readers influenced you in any way?
I would have to say that the positive comments have encouraged me, while the negative ones have honed my responses. Sometimes I don't think those comments warrant a response other than to ban them, especially if they use words that show an utter lack of command of the English language. Readers have often sent me links to news I wasn't aware of or asked me questions so then I can blog about my response to that...or shall we say my DOG's response :-) To answer your question then I'd have to say that yes, my readers have influenced me.

Has blogging changed your life in any way?
In a word: YES. Blogging helped me to fulfill a dream of writing. I never thought I could write but longed to write a book someday. I've always been an avid reader, and very interested in self-education as well. Blogging has afforded me an outlet for my angst and passion...I just had to get over myself which translates to my fears of what others would think. It doesn't matter what they think, it just matters if we do it or not because you'll never know if you want to do this unless you try it. It's not easy to put yourself out there for the world to read. People can be cruel when they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet using pseudonyms instead of their real name like I do. But to me, it's been worth it just knowing I've helped even one dog owner have a better life with their dog. And I've been able to face down and conquer fears and grow from that. Plus, I've also learned that everyone has an opinion and whether or not they agree with me isn't the point, especially since they are still allowed to have their own thoughts about things.

Who are your favorite bloggers?
My favorites are friends blogs like The Whole Dog News by Dr. Jeannie Thomason, MMilani Blog by veterinarian Dr. Myrna Milani, Pet Sit USA blog by Therese Kopiwoda, Dog Politics by Barbara Haywood, and Pet Connection with Gina Spadafori whom I don't know personally but I sure like her style!

What is your blogging style?
Well goofy and funny at times and other times edgy, laced with veiled sarcasm. It's just that I have my viewpoints about things but that doesn't mean they are right. It just means I have viewpoints on things. So I share that, from a dog's eye view. I get into what I think is the mindset of what this world might look like from a dog's viewpoint and how they possibly view us humans. How much simpler things are for them without agendas or power plays or economics to concern themselves with, but more about just being who they are (when allowed and afforded that liberty). That's my style.

What do you do when you get writer's block?
I'll do a couple of things: read some news I know is going to annoy me (grin) stoking the fires of passion in response OR go lay down beside my dog for a furry hug OR go hang outside in the sun with him and remember why I started doing all this in the first place.

Do you have any advice for newbie bloggers?

Honestly I see so many quit just because blogging isn't what they thought it was going to be. So ask yourself why you're doing it in the first place and be honest with yourself. If it is to make oodles of money, then I'd find something else to do. If it is because you truly have a message to share, one you are passionate and knowledgeable about, and also even very opinionated about, then DO it. Share it and stick to it because you just never know who you might help or what you might discover along this path - about yourself, your life, others...and possibly even leave a legacy of your special footprints upon this old earth.

Thanks, Kim!

Now that you know about her, please visit her blog and tell her how great it is!

Would you like to be my next victim-er, I mean interview?

Comment on this post and I will stalk you and peek in your windows to watch your family eat dinner just like the Australian guy that follows that gecko character on Geico-Or, I'll just send you an email with a list of interview questions for you to answer.

Meme Mondays? How about Words with a blogger Wednesdays?

I've decided to kick it up on my blog and add some new stuff to interest you. My first will be Words with a blogger Wednesday.
Each Wednesday, I will post an interview with a fellow blogger that I think is awesome and cool and just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
Would you like to be my next victim-er, I mean interview? Comment on this post and I will stalk you and peek in your windows to watch your family eat dinner just like the Australian guy that follows that gecko character on Geico-Or, I'll just send you an email with a list of interview questions for you to answer.
Is it Tuesday already?
Hurry up already, Guys!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A night on the town

The other night I actually got to go out without any kids or hubby. It felt strange to not be grabbing a hold of a little hand or yelling, No, you can't get that!
I decided to head off to the library first to get some writing done without interruption. It was heaven and I actually finished another chapter. Then, I went to some stores to ACTUALLY LOOK AT STUFF FOR ME. I couldn't believe that there were actually items that interest me and not labeled, For 3 and under on the package. I even saw a purse at the mall that I ended up going back and getting last night.
I ended up at our Walmart because of course, my husband included an errand for me on MY night out. I picked up his item and on my way out, a truck full of guys passed me and began yelling out, "Hey! Look at that hottie!" They began to whistle and as my face turned red, I realized that as degrading as that could be, it was nice to know I still got it even as a grandma.
Thanks Honey, for sending me to Walmart.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A best seller in the making??

I'm excited to tell you that I have been writing another fiction novel!
I have been so busy that I had to put my book writing on the back burner for awhile. I actually have another fiction series that I had started, but I wanted to do this one first since I've discovered blogging. I had planned on finishing it this month, but it's just not going to happen. I do want to get it finished before Christmas.
What is it (book) about?
It's about a well-known woman blogger who has a "fan" who is obsessed with her and now she's afraid that he wants to kill her!
I can't tell you the title right now due to some small percentage of trolls that like to steal ideas, but if you are a blogger, it will give you goosebumps!
Do you think you'd want to read it?
I hope so and you might be getting one for free!
I'll keep you updated and when it does come out, I'll be holding a contest to give several away!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas time already

A conversation between a three year old and her mom:
Emily: "Mom, I know what you can get me for Christmas!"
Me: "What?"
Emily: "A big barbie house- that sounds good!"
Me: "But, how in the world would you fit it in your room with all your other toys?"
Emily: "How about you just clean my room and don't worry about it?"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Empty nest

We have a bird feeder house hanging up in the backyard but I have yet to fill it because the high cost of bird feed this year.
Thanks to the economy, another empty home joins the others in the neighborhood.

Falling for fall

All the trees in our backyard have shed their leaves and now look like frail old men sitting outside enjoying the weather.
Our neighbor's trees on the other hand, still hold their colorful fall leaves and today they are just starting to fall off their branches. I wanted to catch this look before the last of the beauty of fall is left on the ground to get butchered by lawn mowers or be stuffed into lawn bags.

The princess and the turtle

Emily and Baby Zach went to a Halloween party last night.
Emily wanted to show off the fact that she was able to wear Mommy's makeup out in public.
Baby Zach just wanted to know who was going to change his dirty diaper he made right after we spent twenty minutes putting his costume on.

Out of the mouth of Babes

Baby Zach was talking to us today.
He told us that he loved his mama very much...
Now, about his dad...
We couldn't resist doing this when he made this look!
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know why.

The taste of a three year old

With the local channels being clogged up with debating this and debating that, we've turned to cable to fill our free time with. Of course, when it comes to picking what movie or show to watch, we never can agree. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I fight with Jesse to watch the Disney Channel because, well, I just love their movies they make. My husband just rolls his eyes when he sees me check what's on and especially now with the Halloween movies they show, I'm definitely checking to see if it's a good one. I don't know if it's because I've watched so many kid shows with my three year old that now that's all my brain can handle.
So here I am now, watching Haunted Mansion in my bedroom while typing on the laptop and finally realize that the kids had left sometime ago. Am I pathetic or what?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

End the madness already

I have to start by saying that I am absolutely scared to death to have this election be over, but at the same time, I will be glad.
I made a point not to blog about it or preach to anyone about my views, but after reading Dooce's blog on Friday- which has been my favorite blog ever- I have to get something off my back.
Have I decided who I will vote for? That has not been the question on my mind, but rather should I vote at all because I don't want to be responsible for helping get the wrong guy in office.

Two sides of the coin:

I read about how people have been drawn to Obama by his charisma and his promises to change the world. Ok, maybe this guy is a good guy. Maybe not. Should he be trusted? I don't know. People are scared about the economy and seem to be so desperate for a miracle, they are turning to him. How much experience does he carry? How much do we know about him? Sure, Dooce has made it absolutely clear and even lost some readers over her choice. Personally, I think her need for a good fight amongst her readers went a little to far with her last post. I still love her blog and probably will still read it, but I just have been disappointed with her on trying to make anyone who doesn't agree with her view on Obama feel like an idiot.
Now, on with McCain. Is this guy one who should be in office? If you asked a certain relative of mine, Hell no! would be his answer. The simple fact that he (McCain) is a republican and since Bush messed up everything, people associate him with the guy in office now and feel doom will follow. He is older and has had his health issues. I guess he has a temper and has a woman for VP. Maybe he's a good guy-it's too bad he wasn't on the Democrat side so he could be given a chance from those that vote strictly by party.
Democrats want to tax us. Republicans want to go to the old loan system.
Well, I don't want to pay more taxes and I want a bigger house next year but wouldn't qualify if only the perfect people got loans. Democrats want to this and Republicans want to do that. Who even knows if they will even do ANYTHING they promise? Have past presidents?
What to do, then?
This has been the most important election ever in my opinion and has compelled me to help this nation by casting my little, but very important vote.
Now, the only point that I would like to make to my readers is:
You are entitled to your opinion and view and I will not hate you or tell you "if you have a vagina, you should vote for this guy" etc. etc.
Just do your research to the max and be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE of your choice before voting. Our nation and (I do believe) our lives depend on it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Review Blog

Today's post is about my new look to my review blog, Reviewing Mama .

Cathy Hawkins from

offered to do a free make over of this blog but I'm kind of attached to how it looks, so I told her about how I was going to change my review site to a blog style and if she wanted to do that one and she said, "Sure!"

She did a great job, so please go check out my other blog and let me know what you think and then head over to Cathy's site and check out her other cool work. She's running a contest right now to celebrate her just finding out she's pregnant (congrats, Cathy!)

Thanks again, Cathy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In a blink of an eye

It's funny how you don't notice your children growing up until something hits you on the head like a ton of bricks, like your oldest having a baby. Then, she wants to move out and then she only seems to call if she needs money or a babysitter. I realized that she didn't need me to smother her with my over protectiveness. Then once that has been brought to your attention, you start to notice that your other children are hitting some milestones that must of happened when you were busy feeling sorry for yourself. For example, I pick my son (who is twelve) from school every day and have been for years. I park across the street and down the block to avoid the crazy parents-picking-up-their-kids traffic and then walk up the path to meet him. He informed me the other day that he was old enough to walk to the car by himself and how embarrassing it was for me to have to walk him to the car. SO, PLEASE, WOULD YOU WAIT IN THE CAR? I replied by telling him that there were too many crazy people out there and even though it was a nice neighborhood, he could still get stolen and I wouldn't know it.
He just rolled his eyes and everyday he would ask me again to please wait for him in the car. I began to answer, "Fine." But when it came down to actually doing it, I chicken out and would still meet him up the pathway. Then when he would come out, he would just shake his head and walk past me like I didn't exist.
Yesterday, when it was time to pick him up, I decided to wait on a bench that was some yards away that I could see him but he wouldn't really see me. When he got out of school and I could see him walking up the sidewalk and not seeing me, I could see a look of relief on his face. Then, somehow he noticed me and down went the shoulders and head. I know, I'm a dork. I'm just not ready to let another one of my kids get too big to need their mom to protect them a bit too much.
Or maybe I'll try again today- I wouldn't put any bets on it though.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

Last week, it's come to my attention that my youngest daughter and I share a bedroom. She's had a real problem with sleeping on her own practically since she was born. We started out with a crib that maybe got used once. Then, a Dora toddler bed which I ended up having to "squeeze" in it with her until she finally fell asleep. I finally got tired of having a sore back, that I got her a full size bed to give us more room. My husband begged me not to get it because he kept saying that it would be too easy for me to just sleep in there with her and I'd never come back to bed again.
I laughed and said he didn't know what he was talking about and ordered the bed. Emily loved the her "big bed" but still insisted that I lay there with her. I have to admit that it started being easier to end up falling asleep myself with all the room. This was actually 3 months ago and I didn't actually pay attention to how many times I end up staying there all night until my other kids started calling my husband's and my room HIS room. I would get mad and say, it's MY room too! The too older ones would just laugh and say, yeah, right.
I was convinced that they were exaggerating until one day, my three year old asked if she could watch TV in "Daddy's room".
Ok, maybe my room IS the pink one with princess decorations.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Little man Zach

I have to end the week with some photos of the most beautiful and awesome grandson in the world...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is

Yesterday, Emily was having a hard time putting her crocks on because it seemed like she was nursing her left foot. I went over to her and asked her if her foot was hurt and she cupped her foot and asked, whyyyyyyy?
We still have a hard time getting her to tell us if she any pain anywhere since her experience with the dentist and she associates an ouch with a shot.
I looked at her foot and realized that she must have got a mosquito bite and scratched it to death, leaving it raw and sore. She looked at me and noticed the look on my face and quickly drew her foot under her leg and cried, "I don't want to go to the dentist!"
I laughed- I know, I'm cruel- and told her that she definitely didn't have to go to the dentist, but we would have to put some medicine on it. That was followed by her getting up and yelling, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I calmed her down and explained to her that this medicine would not hurt and it was actually fun because it would bubble when I put it on her foot. Yes, I still do the peroxide on cuts. She decided that she would trust this parent that lets people in white coats torture her and calmed down. We went into the bathroom to look for the peroxide and since I have the worse luck in the world, I couldn't find it. I hunted everywhere with no such luck . I finally found some Neosporin, so I attempted to explain to her that this one wasn't as fun, but it wouldn't hurt either.
"No," she stated to me and put her hand up to stop me.
"Come on, why not?" I pleaded back.
"Because, I want the pop rock medicine!"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What #$%** day of the week is it, anyway?

Early this morning, I decided to do my blog reading and commenting since I didn't need to get my son ready for school because of school conferences blessed them with a couple of days off. I happily typed away and as I read through the blogs, I kept wondering why everybody's blog was 'Wednesday this' and 'Wednesday that'. Strange, I thought since it was Thursday.
Just then, I heard what I thought sounded like a garbage truck outside and our garbage day was on Wednesday, so I thought maybe the UPS guy was here. I looked out the window and sure enough, it was the garbage truck-wait. IT'S WEDNESDAY, NOT THURSDAY!
I jumped up and ran to my son's bedroom because if it's Wednesday, than that meant that my son had school today and tomorrow was his day off. ARGH!! He had literally five minutes before his ride came, so that meant no shower, a quick run of the comb through the hair, an apple for breakfast and scrambling for lunch money. ( I had to give him a $20, so I pray the lunch lady doesn't rip him off)
We made it and he was out the door but not without a how-could-you-forget- it-was-Wednesday-Mom? look at his airhead mom.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wanted: Handyman for boyfriend on the side

For five years, I have been wanting to get a new sink for our kitchen. my husband has given every excuse possible from too tired from working to the sky isn't the right blue to do it. You see, my husband is a pretty boy who doesn't like to get his hands dirty. I love him but basically, all he's good for is to look at.
Finally, this weekend I just grabbed the Lowes card and said, "We're going." We found a nice sink and I even let him pick it out. We carefully decided on the perfect faucet to go with it because if you're getting a new sink, you need a new faucet, don't you know?
I was so excited to get rid of our totally yucky forty-thousand-year-old-sink and I already envisioned on the way home how I would actually let people use our beautiful new sink instead of making up some excuse like, the floor boards are weak in front of the sink, so you better not use it or you'll surely fall through and die.
Did Jesse share my excitement? Nope. In fact, he grumbled all the way home about how I get him stuck doing projects that we could just hire someone. Hire a plumber? Hell no. I'm not taking out a second mortgage just so he doesn't have to get his nails dirty. BUT, had I known what events were to take place the next day, I would've took his advice.
When we got home from Lowes, we looked under the sink and the first thing he says is that he should have looked under here first. I'm not an expert at plumbing, but I'm thinking that maybe that isn't good. It turns out that apparently, we have pipes that were welded together and there was no way in hell that he was going to get those pipes out of there-Shit.
We agreed that we would find someone who knew what they were doing and had the right tools.
At least I thought that's what we agreed on. So, when I left to go to the mall that Sunday, I was prepared to come home and remind him to turn the water back on so I could finish the dishes.
What I ended up coming home to was WAY worse. He tried- I have to give that to him. He got the pipes off and the broken disposal but then he was stuck. Now, not only did I not have a new sink, now I had NO SINK.
All he said was, "I told you we should hired someone."
I asked him if I needed to take out an ad for a handyman boyfriend on the side- only needed for tasks around the house. (I'm not sure if he's talking to me yet.)
This morning, by pure luck, I happened to find out that someone I knew was a contractor on the side who gave us a good deal AND saved our marriage!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What does a girl got to do to get a foot rub?

Last night, as my hubby and I laid in bed, we had this conversation:
Jesse: Ooh, rub my feet!
Me: Oh, that sounds like a good idea! Rub mine too.
Jesse: How about you rub mine tonight and I rub yours on Saturday?
Me: Saturday? That's TWO days from now.
Jesse: So?
Me: (sigh)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The sky is falling-or at least the leaves are

The weather is so beautiful today, I have to tie myself down to my desk and force myself to catch up with stuff while I can. I LOVE this time of the year when the leaves start to turn and the air is crisp. Mother Nature fooled me several times this year by bringing us some early fall days and while everyone else was cursing summer being over, I was all, YEAH! But, then the hot days came back and I got all depressed again. Hopefully, it doesn't go away this time so I can enjoy it a little longer than last year when summer seemed to go right into winter.
Also on a side note:
I am starting my semi-diet based loosely on the flat belly diet.
This is what I had so far today:
Oatmeal with blueberries
Green tea
A handful of sesame seeds
Green tea
Tuna sandwich (with mayo or I'll die.)
Honey dew melon
I haven't decided what I am doing for supper yet. This may not be the healthiest or not even sure if it would even make me loose anything but it's better then skipping breakfast or drinking soda or grabbing fast food- all bad habits of mine. Like I said before, I just want to try to make it as healthy as I can stand so I won't go off the wagon.
Now, I'm sure you'll run into me at a restaurant on the weekends because it's kind of what we do for entertainment on date night or family night. Heck, even Emily tells us it's time to go to AppleBees. I'm allowing this and I don't want to feel bad or hide it.
Last time I tried to be all totally healthy and showing off, Jesse found my stash of candy bars hidden under my pillow and I was all like, how did that get there?

A quiet moment

Mama and baby caught a quiet moment and I caught a nice photo of them as the soft sunlight drapes over their angel faces.

Jumping in a big pile of ...

I did not go in my backyard all weekend, so today when we went out to play, I was surprised to see all the leaves on the ground. Fall is here! Fall is here!

My new love

I love you so much, my new beautiful sink. I wipe you down every day, feeling your smooth body under my towel. You compliment me so well and I surely will show you off to everyone. I love how you work for me everyday and how you never let me down.

You are definitely my trophy sink.