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Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
After a very long day of being at the doctor,(yes, I ended up taking her) finding out that Emily has bronchitis and then waiting an hour for her medicine to be ready, I wanted to get home and find a favorite shop for my readers.

I was looking for something unique and fun. Something that you would really want to buy and love more than your first teddy bear.

Then I found this shop:

Little Leg

This quilts are to die for! I admit that I'm not really a "quilt" kind of person. I find the mismatched patterns too much, but when I saw these, I was in love. The patterns are just the right taste and go together beautifully.

I have to say it, THESE ARE DELICIOUS!!

I am sure that you could find a spot for any of these and they are so fun looking that you won't be able to resist checking into getting one of these for your home.

This designer creates one-of-a-kind quilts which means nobody else will have your quilt-ever. She even has a blog at:

So, splurge today and visit her store and get you one!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A visit to that scary shot-giving-man in the white jacket

Today is not a happy day. Why? Because today my youngest is going to have to go to the doctor because she is sick. This is the same child that would rather eat ten live worms than go to a doctor since her visit to the dentist. I've put this off for five days, hoping that each morning she would wake up and jump out of bed and say she feels great, but it hasn't happened yet.

She's been listening to us discuss the possibility of going to the doctor and I always follow up with going over to her and feeling her forehead or arm and say, "Yep. She's still warm. I think we can't put it off."

I tried preparing her for a possible visit the last couple of days by telling her that she wasn't going to be getting any shots. She justs gives me the DO YOU REALLY THINK I'M EVER GOING TO BELIEVE YOU AGAIN AFTER THAT DENTIST VISIT? look and hides under the covers.

She's also been trying to pretend that she's better by getting up and trying to play, followed by getting back in bed about ten minutes later. Nice try, kid.

Yesterday was her last attempt at trying to convince me that she didn't need to go to the doctor. We were watching one of her shows when she jumped up off of the couch smiling and ran to me with her hand on her forehead and yelled, "Mommy! Mommy! Look, I'm not warm anymore-I'm hot!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already? Let's see, the garbage is out for pick up so I guess it is!
It's Words with a Blogger Wednesday!
This week's blogger is Cecelia from
Take it away, Cecelia!
I'm Cecelia from the Baby Kid Blogs and thrilled to be interviewed by Teresa. I have three blogs including Cool Baby Kid, Smart Baby Kid and Ask Baby Kid, as well as a new blogger recognition program called "Blog Popz." Cool Baby reviews hip, cool products while Smart baby focuses on educational ones. Ask Baby Kid is a question/answer format with tips for busy parents and bloggers.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2007 as a place to share my favorite finds with friends. One thing led to another and in a few short years my little hobby has taken over my life!
Tell us about what kind of blog you have and what made you decide to run a blog like this?

As I mentioned, Cool baby Kid was the original blog. When friends asked "Where did you get that?" I started compiling them (I'm a compulsive researcher and bargain shopper) into a blog. As a teacher, however, it was always in the back of my mind to focus one blog on educational products which is the idea behind Smart Baby Kid. The third blog was actually my original blog idea which was to gather quick tips on parenting in one place, though it's now evolved into a site for bloggers as well.

Do you make money from your blog?
Though I do make enough money from the blog to consider it a part-time job, I work for every penny! Blogging can take a lot of time and energy to be successful.
How frequently do you post?
I normally post every weekday on Cool Baby Kid and a few times a week on the others. I take the weekend off, however, and use that time to catch up on posts and improve the blogs.

Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you just can't live without reading?
Darren at was one of my original subscriptions and one I still read faithfully.

Have your readers influenced you in any way?
Absolutely. They've given me ideas, asked questions and made suggestions which I've implemented in the blogs. I love having conversations with readers and have gotten a lot of great finds from them!

Has blogging changed your life in any way?
It's become a part-time job and hobby that has taken sometimes more time than I have. Other hobbies have fallen by the wayside while I manage two kids, a full time teaching position and three blogs.
What do you do when you get writer's block?
Fortunately I haven't had that problem yet. Every time I have an idea I write it down and come back to those ideas later when I'm looking for topics to write about. And there are way too many cool products out there to ever run out of reviews.

Any other advice you might have for newbie bloggers?
Network like crazy. Check out and similar sites and schedule networking into your blog routine. Let me know if you need anything else! The links to the blogs are below.
Cecelia~Dr. Cecelia Mecca
Baby Kid Blogs
Thanks, Cecelia!
Do you want to be interviewed?
All you have to do is comment and let me know!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i Heart Faces- Week 7

When I didn't win last week's theme I cried out, WHY?!
I was hurt, mad and devastated-not really. This is alot of fun to do!
I almost forgot to do this week's theme and when I found out it was B&W, I was all like, Yeah!
I even entered the adult one too. I'll send that on a separate post.
I had many to choose from and I finally decided on this one:

Week 7 - "B & W"

I'm hoping that it's not going to based on just making a photo B&W but maybe the art form of it.

Wish me luck and enter one of your own!

i Heart Faces - Adult entry

i Heart Faces Week 7


Here is my adult entry:
Enter one of your own, it's fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hiding in Internet land

Sometimes the Internet can be bad for your health. For instance, when I am bored or should be doing work to further my career, I tend to waste my hours surfing on the Internet. I look up dumb things and then I might go Internet "window shopping" and put items on my wish list that someday I may get but most of the time don't. Well, Saturday was one of those days and I pretty much wasted 4 hours of my life surfing.

While on my useless journey, I found this site called,
It is a genealogy site that has all these fun programs on it to see who you might look like in your family and it's kind of fun.

It also has this program to see what celebrity you resemble most and I was a bit curious to see what would turn up for me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them this is who they picked:
Melinda Clark and I were compared at 79%!

All I can say is, bless their little hearts!

I was thinking about getting one of those lip plumping jobs but apparently, I don't need too! These people could probably sell me some swamp land in Florida too.

So, make your day and upload a photo of yourself and see what beautiful star is your twin! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!
Back to Etsy, I love Paris and when I came across this store I was in love!
Then, I found out that this lady is the illustrator of Lu-lu™.
Here is Anne Keenan Higgin's Shop:

These pictures would be a perfect addition to any room!

The best part is they are only $10.00 a piece!

I could see this in my kitchen.

This one in my youngest daughter's room...

Spend a day in "Paris" and go visit her shop and buy you some!
Have a favorite Friday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Invaders of the non-answering phone kind...

Do I like talking on the phone? Well, not really. I'm not sure why and actually, I used not be like this when I was a teen and even in my twenties. Just the last ten years or so. Really, there's just a few people that I will talk to for more than a few minutes without wanting to rip my head off. No offense to everyone else-it's nothing to do with you, it's me-and you telemarketers and occasional creditors? Good luck, because it'll be a frickin' cold butt day in hell before you'll hear my voice on the other end.

I thought that maybe I was some kind of freak-a-zoid all alone, but I came across an old post on Pioneer Woman. She admitted that she had a phone neurosis and I was all like, Me too! Me too! Upon reading her reader's comments, I realized that there were many of us freak-a-zoids out there. When that happens, then you don't feel like such a freak-a-zoid.

Now, having said that, I must totally contradict myself and tell you that it totally drives me crazy that my oldest prefers to send me text messages instead of talking to me on the phone. We have many fights over this when I tell her to call me and hours later I pick up the phone and when she finally answers, I'm like, HELLO? WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL? She quickly responds with, But I sent you a text-didn't you get it? I tell her that I don't carry my cell phone around with me at home and when I say I want a phone call, than I want a phone call!

This has lead me to believe that she has inherited my phone neurosis and well, when you have two freak-a-zoids trying to get a hold of each other, it's a big mess. We'll have to figure out some way to over come this or one day I'll read in the paper how my daughter got married and it'll be to that piece-of-$#^& sperm donor to her child and I missed it all. I will then call her up and ask why didn't she call me and her response will be,
"But I sent you a text message..."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

Words with a Blogger Wednesday is here again!
I have interviewed an exciting blogger this week and I just love her blog.
Why, her blog helped me the first day that I found it.
Her blog is called, Sweeties Sweeps.
She has great advice on how to win all sorts of contests including blog giveaways and I won this the first night!
If you don't believe me, check it out here.
Anyways, find out about this blog and the other blogs that Wendy runs!

Please introduce yourself:
Hello to all of the Six Feet Under readers!
Thank you to Tess for contacting me for this week's interview. This is actually my first interview online as well. I have been in newspapers and such, but no interviews online so I'm thrilled to be a part of your blog this week.My name is Wendy but I have been called The Computer Lady since around 1993. I live in Connecticut with my husband and 5 crazy cats. I have 3 grown children, all boys, one granddaughter with one grandchild due in August. I have been happily married for 29 years. It's hard to sum up my life in this paragraph so I will send you off to a page that tells a lot more about me at the end of this article. I have been online since 1993 - it was me and Al Gore - yet right! He forgets to tell you that I invented the Internet so there! I'm pretty much a geek who loves playing with HTML, Photoshop, but also loves entering and winning sweepstakes. I blog but also run a lavender business with my husband. We started that business because of a $25,000 trip to France we won online. This is why you should read that article - too much to write about.When did you start blogging?I started blogging July of 2008. I now have 3 active blogs. The one Tess found me on was Sweeties Sweeps at but I also own and run the Business Blogging Guide at (about blogging for business and because of your business), and Shopping Gems at (wholesale and retail business resources). I still have my computer website at (I was a web designer and instructor), and our online business is at I am a geek I designed all of my sites as well as the shopping cart for our wholesale business. For the blogs I usually start with a template and tweak the heck out of it and design my own graphics in Photoshop. I used to be a web designer so that helps. I never went to college though and learned HTML when my kid were young from a book I got from the library. I kept it so long they made me buy it! I stayed home with my children for 13 years and learned how to use the computer, the Internet, and most of my skills just by playing on the computer so you don't have to be trained or schooled to be successful. You just need to be passionate about whatever you are doing.

Do you make money from your blog?
Yes, I have to say that I do make money from my blog(s). I make the most from Sweeties Sweeps. In the 5 months that Sweeties has been up (I didn't start it until October 2008) I am now earning a part-time living with it and my other blogs. I would say that I wouldn't be making any money if I hadn't focused each blog on a specific topic (I explain more below). My goal is to earn a full-time living by the end of the year. I also now write for Lifetime TV's blog, Sweeps Hunter, and last week I went to NYC to be taped for the Tyra Banks show for Sweeties Sweeps. Hopefully when that airs I will make more money :)

How frequently do you post?
On Sweeties Sweeps I post 2 to 4 times each day. On the Business Blogging Guide and Shopping Gems I post once a week. I also write for a tech blog, Make Use Of (, Lifetime TV, and create lesson plans occasionally for my computer site.

Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you just can't live without reading?
Yes, but he probably isn't one you have heard of. His name online is Grizzly and his blog is Don't let the "butt ugly blog" fool you. He's the real deal. I also read various freebie blogs, my friend Zippy's blog (Champagne Living) at and believe it or not, I follow the Whitehouse blog daily at

Have your readers influenced you in any way?
I really don't have that many readers on my blogs except Sweeties Sweeps. On that blog I have helped people win prizes and I really love hearing stories that are sent to me about how winning prizes makes a difference in their lives and how I was a part of that. That is what keeps me posting sweepstakes and teaching people my tricks for winning consistently.

Has blogging changed your life in any way?
I would have to say, definitely yes. I now have a new career path. I didn't realize how much I enjoy writing. I think in school we are taught to write a certain way and it isn't often that easy because most of the time you are trying to write in someone else's style. I love explaining complex things to people in simple terms and did that for years as a software and computer trainer so blogging is just an extension of that. I find that I have a natural flow to my posts and they sound like I talk in "real" life. Find your voice and it will come easy. Don't try to be someone else.

What do you do when you get writer's block?
I read everything I can on the Web to get ideas. You can read other blogs you like that are in your niche or topic and get ideas. You don't go there to copy their work but sometimes just reading what they write about will give you a "light bulb moment" and then you will know what to write about. You can get ideas from magazines too. There have been too many times I "had" to take that magazine home from the doctor's office because it had something in there I had to write about. I'm glad my doctor saw it my way :)

Any other advice you might have for newbie bloggers?
Decide if you want to write for fun or to make money. If you want to write for fun then get on Twitter and comment on other blogs so you can build up your readers and people will know who you are. You can write about anything and everything for fun. You can do that to make money too but the real money comes from people searching for what you are writing about through Google or other search engine. For the searches to bring up your blog you need to write a certain way and have a specific topic for your blog. That is why I have multiple blogs. Each blog is about one specific topic. If I put them all together on one blog some readers would like it, others would not, and the search engines would have a hard time figuring out just what my blog is about and it would take forever for my blog to appear on the search engine and I wouldn't make any money.Wow, well I guess you know I like to talk and write a LOT! That is why I never run out of stuff to say online. Come visit me and read my story at and please follow me on Twitter
Thanks, Wendy!

Do you have a great blog?
Tell me about it and you could be my next blogger victim!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I heart faces-wonder

Have you heard of this blog?

I just started seeing it around and out of curiosity, I went over there to see what this craze was all about.
What I found out was that this was a very cool blog that holds different photo contests each week and you need to check it out!
This week's is "Wonder" so I am entering this photo in the kids section:

I'm not sure if she's wondering why her brother and sister are not sitting by her or how she could talk me into giving her ice cream so early in the morning. At any rate, I think it's a good choice for the topic.

You should check it out and submit one of your own!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm featured!

Today I will not be telling you some crazy thing that my kids or husband did over the weekend. Why? Because I am leaving my post and heading over to La Dolce Vita -to be interviewed!

Yep. My first blog interview and I'm so excited! Sure, I begged, pleaded and sent chocolate to be featured on Kristen's blog. I'm not ashamed. It was worth it, I tell ya. Do you now why? Because she holds contests for us featured blogs and I LOVE her stuff. I WANT her stuff. I NEED her stuff.

You can help me win something from her wonderful jewelry collection because I know we're all blog sista's and all. Just go on over and read my featured post and leave a comment on her blog saying that you love my blog and you want me to win this:

I need at least ten comments to be entered, so I really need your help. So, I'll see you over there, Ok?

Friday, February 13, 2009

I didn't forget...

Today was also the end of my book design contest and I wanted to make sure it was dated on Friday the 13th-woooooo....does that sound scary?

Now, I got a surprisingly amount of votes for #1:

And there were votes for the other designs, but second place came in for #4:

You guys are good-those were the two in the final running for publishing!

I stared and stared and stared at these designs until my eyes dried up and crumbled out of their sockets. (not really otherwise, how could I type this? Even though I CAN type with my eyes shut and, well, never mind.)

Anyway, I did all that for nothing, because it turns out that #1 would not show up well in publishing land's opinion and #4 is crisp and clean with just enough of a "suspense" look to it.

Soooo, #4 has it and since I think under five people voted for that cover, they all win! And even if it was over five you still all win.

Be patient for publishing date. Still in the waiting.

Did you vote for #4? Do you remember? Well, you better get your butt back over to my original post and look.

Anyway, I hope your Friday the 13th went well and eat lots of chocolate tomorrow for me!

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!

This won't be an Etsy shop today.

I wanted to let you know about a site that can help you.

This site is packed full of info on working at home and help for those that already work at home.

This site is actually an online magazine for working at home.

What site is this?

How did I find this site? Well, because I am the editor of it!

I started this online magazine for anyone that wants to work at home in 2003. I even wrote a book based off of it called, I'm a Work at home Mommy-You can be too!

I wanted to feature this site because I am looking for writers to submit articles and experts in the field of working at home to be guest bloggers. I can't offer pay, but I will include bylines and links to your site.

I am also looking for anyone who owns ANY kind of business to be my next Featured Business of the week. A free service and a favorite amongst business owners!

So, please go visit this online magazine and maybe learn something about working at home!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tess needs...

Ok, I've been tagged by Michelle over at Eight Helping Hands. Thanks, girl.
This one is cute. I've been finding this on many blogs that I've been reading and they are so funny!

You type your name and "needs..." into Google and see what pops up. How fun, right?

So, I did it and this is what I got:

Tess needs a spanking....Oh boy! I'm not touching this one!
Tess needs a new home....I do! A bigger one!
Tess needs help....Hey now-truth hurts, man.
Tess needs to be her own woman....(sniffle, sniffle.) I do. I really do.
Tess needs to know......Know what?!
Tess needs some time to think about what she's done......Oh-Oh. Mom, is that you?

There were more, but it was getting a little dirty and I'm trying to keep it a bit clean on here.
So I completed my task, my old friend (yeah, that's right. I called you OLD) and now I'm tagging nobody. I'm just leaving it to you if you want to include a funny "needs" line in my comment box or you can just make fun of mine if you want. Don't no matter to meeee....just don't show #1 to my hubby, please?

(I had to include this since it's time sensitive. Expires on the 15th!)
What are you planning this Valentine's Day?
How would you like to save on Valentine's dinner this weekend or if you weren't planning on going out (like us) now you can! is offering a code for 60% off the purchase of a gift certificate with them. If you go through Cashbaq and you can get a $25 gift certificate for $4.00 AND if this is the first time you are signing up with Cashbaq , it's free after their $5 signup incentive!
We got one to a fancy pizza place (don't laugh) and I'm so excited because it's a surprise to the hubby.
Here are the rules to get your discount:
1. Go to Cashbaq and sign up and then find your restaurant that you want your certificate from.
2. Add your $25 certificates to cart.
3. Enter the code, TREAT in the code box at checkout.
4. Pay and print -then enjoy!
Hurry, though! It's going to be over with and then you'll just kick yourself for not doing it and people will ask you how you got your foot up your ass.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Future Ladies' Man

Look at Zachary's pouting lips and big blue eyes-he's going to be such a heart breaker when he gets older!

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

Words with a Blogger Wednesday
This week's blogger runs a food blog-how yummy!
Take it away, Peabody!
Hi, I'm Peabody. I'm a 30 something freelance photographer and writer. I live north of Seattle with my husband, crazy cocker spaniel and little fuzzy bunny. I run two food blogs. One that is a baking blog, Culinary Concoctions by Peabody ( and a Pacific Northwest Cuisine blog called Northwest Noshings (
When did you start blogging? I started blogging in June of 2005.
Tell us about what kind of blog you have and what made you decide to run a blog like this? I started the baking blog because that is what I love to do the most. My blog is my creative outlet as I married a picky eater. My other blog I started because I knew very little about Pacific Northwest Cuisine before moving out here four years ago. I thought running a blog would be a good way to get me out and explore the local cuisine and make it as well.
Do you make money from your blog?
Yes and no. I do not run ads or anything like that. So in the traditional sense, no, I do not make money from my blog. But I have gotten many photography jobs as well as writing jobs from people reading my blog.

How frequently do you post?
My baking blog used to be three times a week. But I developed carpal tunnel and so it has gone down to twice a week. My other blog is only a few times a month.

Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you just can't live without reading?
I love Jen of Use Real Butter. I love Hannah of Bittersweet, as I am amazed what she can turn into a vegan baked good. I like Kevin from Closet Cooking, he does a lot of great dinner ideas.

Have your readers influenced you in any way?
Yes. I do have a pastry background and can make complicated and fancy desserts. But what good is that if 95% or more of my blog readers wont go out and make it at home. I really want people to be able to see a recipe on my blog and think, I can make that.

Has blogging changed your life in any way?
Oh my, yes. I never would have thought in a million years that the girl with blurred, overexposed pictures 3 ½ years ago would now be getting paid to take pictures of food. Or write about food for that matter. Also, I have met some incredible people through food blogging. It is an amazing community of highly supportive people.

What do you do when you get writer's block?
Since I tell a lot of stories about me and my family on my blog (usually embarrassing ones) I go back through old photos to see if that can jog my memory.
Any other advice you might have for newbie bloggers?
Be patient! I ran my blog for a year and a half before people really started to read it. Also, don't go around begging to be put on someone's blog roll. If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I go and check out their blog. I don't list a lot of blogs on my blog roll because I have to have read it for about a year before it goes on. If you want to increase readers join contests and get on sites like Tastespotting. Run your blog for you and no one else. You have to love what you are doing in order to have a successful blog. If you don't love what you are doing you will most likely get burnt out, which a lot of people do. And for goodness sake, have fun with it! Food blogging is suppose to be fun!
Consistently post.
My baking blog gets a lot of traffic. I have two post a week, sometimes more. My other blog gets hardly any traffic, but I only post a few times a month. You get out of it what you put into it.
Thanks, Peabody!
Want to be on Words with a Blogger Wednesday?
Then comment and let me know, duh!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From cell phones to feces

Emily has recently discovered that she loves to learn how to spell words. She'll either ask me how to spell a certain word or she will try to spell it out herself and if she's lucky, she might get it right or stumble upon spelling another word right. I get all excited when this happens and while she thinks that she spelled "table" right I say, Well no, but you just spelled "Tom"! She then cocks her head to the side, squints her right eye and decides whether this is a good thing or not. Usually she does and she smiles and nods at how smart she is.

Sometimes depending on the mood she's in, it's to our advantage to just tell her she spelled it right otherwise her face scrunches up in a ball and she gives you a look worse than the one that won the card contest over at Hallmark.

The other day, we had to get Jess a new phone and while at the cell phone place, Jordon was instructed to entertain Emily while we were explained the twenty page contract to purchase a phone through them. They sat in the corner in the waiting area and other then an occasional giggle, they were pretty quiet. This isn't like them to be well behaved, so I figured either he threatened to hide her Leapster or there must have been some money exchanged.

When we were finished, I called over to them and Emily jumped up from the chair all grinning from ear to ear and I wondered what my middle child had promised her to keep her behaving for so long and if it involved a trip to Toys R Us, he would be doing the dishes for the next five days.

When they got over to us, she started yelling, "Jo taught me a new word! I know how to spell a new word!"

Oh cool, I thought. Time well spent and no chance of having to buy a Barbie. "You can tell me in the car on the way home, " I suggested. Little did I know at the time that that was the best advise I'd given in months.

When we got in the car, Jordon is already laughing and I ask what is so funny and he clears his throat and asks Emily to spell the word that they worked so hard on at the store. Emily sat up straight in her car seat and started to spell it.
"P-O-O-P," she proudly announced.

I pucker my lips and glare in the rear view mirror at Jordon who is grabbing his stomach and laughing uncontrollably.

"P-O-O-P," she spells again and sits up even straighter in her seat.

As my son is rolling in the backseat laughing, I sigh and pretend to clear my throat.


"Yes?" she answers, looking over at my son and wondering why he has been laughing for the last five minutes.

"Do you know what word you have been spelling so nicely?" I ask.

"Yep." she says and smiles.

"What word is it?" I ask.

"TURD!" she answers.

Oh boy-I'm not telling her.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Today you turn 19. As they always say, "It seems like just yesterday..."
You know how it goes, I blinked and you grew up. But that's how I feel and I probably will always feel like just yesterday you were still my little girl.

I know it's your birthday and you've been waiting to unwrap something, but first I would like to thank you for all the gifts that you gave me. What? Is that what you just said out loud? Yep. My gifts on your birthday. Now, just be quiet and let me list all the gifts that I want to thank you for.
I would just like to thank you for...

...being a best friend.
...being strong even after enduring so much in your young life like, being a victim of a terrible crime, loosing a father so early in life and becoming a mother. me the most beautiful, happy and lovable little grandbaby.
...being a wonderful mother to your little boy.
...putting up with my craziness and even though I've called to check on you for the tenth time in the last hour, you act as though I hadn't called you all day.

...having faith that you can handle anything that life throws at you.
...always helping out with your two younger siblings and not picking on them too much.
...taking half of my advice and at least pretend to listen to the rest.
...letting me in and telling me about your hopes and dreams and your troubles and fears.

Yes, I know that it's your birthday today, but I would like to tell you about one more gift that I'm thankful for EVERY day and that's the gift of you being my daughter.

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Smelly Cat, the sequel

Do you remember my Smelly Cat?
We finally found a soap (Olay) that she likes and now she bathes regularly-with soap.
Her friends and family thank her.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!
As you know from my other post, I want new pillows. I decided to look at Etsy for ideas and came across this wonderful shop named:
This owner was inspired one day to start making pillows and she has came up with some wonderful designs.
I simply love these pillows.
These are cute too!

She also happens to design purses and bean bags ("eggplants" (are they a fruit or vegetable?)photo are actually bean bags).
She donates 10% to two of her favorite charities, so your purchase will go to a good cause!
So, if you are looking for some new pillows or a new look, check out her shop!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The check is in the mail

I finally received my official finalist papers that included a hard copy of my Hallmark card , an autographed letter from all the judges (some famous!) and a check for the prize money. YAAAY!

I've been going over in my head what to do with the money (which isn't much and the Grand Prize would be WAY more-so vote for me and I'll be sure to buy the kids something from that "wink"). I've been known to feel guilty occasionally and not spend any money on myself and instead, let the hubby and kids get stuff. I've decided that this time I'm going to get something for me this time. Yep. I'm definitely blowing it on stuff that I want but wouldn't normally get because of the mommy guilt. I'm going to bring out my wish list and come up with a combination that stays within the prize amount. I really want to buy a new rug for our living room because my little pup has really ruined it by getting mad at us when we are gone and leaving us "paybacks" on it and well, the smell really never goes away in my opinion. We finally got her a kennel to put her in when everyone is gone, so hopefully the new rug would be safe. Unless, of course, the hubby forgets to put her away and then I would have to buy a kennel to put him in as well while I'm gone. Some other wish items would be new couch pillows and throws, redecorate the bathroom or a new comforter for our bedroom.

A lot to choose from and it will be hard to resist the urge to feel guilty when the kids look at me with their sad eyes and point to the ads for a new game or barbie. I will have to stand my ground that mommies are people too and they need some fun too.

One person that I did promise something from my prize money was my mom and that was to take her out to dinner for sending me the link to the contest in the first place.

So, see? I AM sharing.

Words with a blogger Wednesday

IIIIIIIIIt's Words With A Blogger Wednesday!
This week's blogger is a good friend of mine from high school!
Take it away, Michelle!

Hello, Tess. My name is Michelle my blog is called, eight helping hands.
We are a family of five, so therefore, I have eight helping hands.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging, September, 2007. Tell us about what kind of blog you have and what made you decide to run a blog like this?
My blog is just a way for me to talk about my life, my thoughts and the things that come out of my children's mouths!
I had never heard of blogging outside of news stories until I reconnected with you.
Soooo, I have you to blame???!!!
I'm kidding, I have been enjoying myself.

Do you make money from your blog?
No, I do not make any money from my blog, however, in the future, I may. I plan to advertise my brother Todd's artwork. I also will be selling my scarves on Etsy soon.
How frequently do you post?
I try to post on the average of three times a week. Sometimes more, depending on how many things in my life that I feel like sharing/blogging about.
Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you just can't live without reading?
1. Six Feet Under Blog
2. Creative Junkie
3. Confessions of a Semi "Slacker' Mom
4. Thoughts from a sometimes Desperate Housewife
5. I'm living Proof that God has a sense of humor
6. Lori times five
7. My crazy life
8. Black Belt Scrapping
Have your readers influenced you in any way?
Yes, I use to be afraid of writing about all the things going on. But, having read others I found it is o.k. and I am not the only one who needs to get their feelings out.
Has blogging changed your life in any way?
Yes, I believe I am on my way to finding some great friends. Also this is a new way to express myself, sort of "talking" with my girlfriends. As you know girlfriends are the best thing out there next to family!

What do you do when you get writer's block?
Well, I try to find something funny that is going on and write about it. I fear that if I don't write, no one will ever come back to read me!

Any other advice you might have for newbie bloggers?
Yes, every blogger out there has there own style, enjoy them. Write your thoughts and feelings no matter what they are, for you are not alone in this world.

Monday, February 2, 2009

What book design am I picking?

Thanks for all the love and support this last week, readers!
Oh, and Go Steelers-the champs!
Now, I have a fun task for you. I am in the process of picking my book cover design for my suspense novel coming out titled, ANONYMOUS. I have several design versions and thought, why not let the readers try to guess which design I'm going with? Why not also, motivate them by holding a contest? Okay? Okay!

Here the choices for the cover design:




Here are the rules:
1. Pick the design (1-5) that you think I'll pick and comment it to this post.
2. On Friday, February 13th (I like that date-sounds scary like my book) I will pick the design that will be the final cover.

3. I will round up everyone that picked the same design as I did and 5 winners from that bunch will win a free autographed book when it comes out. (publishing date soon to be announced.)
What if you didn't pick the winning design? That' ok!
Four more winners will be chosen that had put alot of effort to win but didnt pick the winning design, so if you want to increase your chance of winning, do one or more the following also:
1. Post about my contest on your blog and send me a link.
2. Comment every day until February 13th and include this after each of your comments- I WANT TO WIN YOUR BOOK ( make sure that you leave a comment on this post first with your design pick).
3. Add yourself to my Follow Me button and let me know.
4. Put my blog on your blogroll and let me know.
Now, if you don't want to enter the contest and just want to let me know which one you like, go ahead and you don't even have to tell me your name!
Okay, now go choose your favorite design!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers...

Shhh... I'm secretly posting today while my husband is getting the big screen ready for the game. He's a diehard Steelers fan and well, you know, it's Super Bowl Sunday and they are playing. This has been declared the Holy Steelers Day- no blogging, no reading, no anything that doesn't have to do with football.
We are having a small party with good food and I as the faithful wife that I am, I will be cheering for the Steelers but I'm really excited for the commercials-my reason for watching. So, as I watch over my shoulder for a crazy man to tackle me off of the computer, I say to you...

Have a fun Super Bowl Sunday and if you don't like football, go shopping-there won't be any men at the mall!!!

Obsession to the max

This is what the family has to do during football season to please a superstitious Steelers fan.
(Yes, I had a jersey on too.)
Where was my son?
He's an Eagles fan so he wasn't allowed to wear one.