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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Window boxes to improve your windows

I love plant flowers around the house. Something I would like to do is put Windowbox Planters up on our windows. We want to put our house up for sale and move to something bigger, so I really think that would make our home look better.

Look at these beautiful window boxes-so pretty!

Window box planters come in so many styles these days, there's a style for every type of house. I think that putting colorful flowers will brighten up a drab looking house too. Did you know that they come in different types of material as well, like vinyl, metal, fiberglass and wood?

You might think it would be hard to install one, but it's quite easy and won't ruin your window. Instructions come with the window box you purchase.

So, after I get done with our landscaping, I'll be checking out what window box will look good on our house!