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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

Wednesday Words with a Blogger
This week's blogger:
Tell us about your blog, Manon
My Blog is intended to bring awareness on how the use the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction can be implemented in Moms lives to attract MORE, attract more clients to their business, attract more time for all of the tasks Mom have especially Moms that work from home.Understanding how our beliefs set the stage for all of our successes and failures and how we all do have the power to create an abundant life. Both in our careers and our personal life.
When did you start blogging?
I started Blogging in 2008 but did really commit to it until September of 2009
Why do you blog?
I Blog because I love the fact that you have the ability to add new content as often as you wish. Because as we grow and learn more about ourselves and our own abilities to accomplish things and achieve success in ou lives, we have the power to change peoples lives. Growing anything takes persistence, consistence actions and dedication, the journey is not always easy and we all have our own self imposed limitations. Hearing about somebody else journey provides guidance, inspiration and the knowledge that sometime is missing for our own growth.
What is your blog about?
My Blog has the purpose to teach and inspire Moms to go after their dreams, I believe working from home Moms CAN have it all success in their careers and powerful family involvement that builds strong family bounds which provides a solid foundation for children to be self-confident and happy.
What do you want your readers to get out of your blog?
I want the readers to get a "glimpse" even if it is just a small one of the possibilities of a better life, no mattr what the circumstances. When we get a glimpse nobody or nothing can take it away and it fuels our courage and drive to seek what we need to achieve success. I want my readers to get some inspiration and the tools to market themselves, the ability to reach more peoples through internet marketing.
What do you do to keep your readers coming back?
I use the tools that I have learned from studying the law of attraction, I manifest the right moms to show up in my life just at the right time for the purpose of both our growth.
Do you have any favorite blogs that you read?
I read a variety of Blogs, some are on self care as I tend to neglect that as a Moms everybody seems to come first and I know I need some help with taking proper care of myself. So I read what catches my attention on any specific day.
Any advice to for other bloggers?
By true to yourself, clarify what you want to share with your readers. What is your unique gift no matter how experienced you are we all have something to offer. Have the courage to be bold in how you want to make a difference and how you can help others. Set goals, write it out and work towards them everyday.Reach out to other bloggers and see how you can help them, let's build a community of empowered moms that truly understand the value of their self-worth!
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Brian Miller said...

nice...great to meet coach...will pop by...

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

As a SAHM these days blogging about topics that I know a little about has really helped me feel like I have some purpose. I was a massage therapist, but arthritis in my hands cut my career short. I would be one very bored mom without blogging.

Sarah said...

That was great! Loved it! Great blog you have here. I'm the author of Blogger Chix Designs helping people grow their blogs and just set up my free blog directory to help drive new traffic and readers who are interested to your site, if you want to link up. You can check it out here

I think it would be great to be featured