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Friday, April 30, 2010

Online shopping the easy way

I don' t know about you, but I do a lot of shopping online. It is easier and faster then grabbing everyone up and going to the store, risking over spending and catching germs. Sometimes, not knowing where to find what I'm looking for can be hard. I know the search engines can help you, but they aren't really filtered very much.

When I found out about, I thrilled to find a place that includes Buyers Guides that help you pick exactly what you want. Upon reading how their site works, I found out that they don't sell any products and they don't charge retailers to list-so you know that you are getting a more revelent search.

For example, If you were looking for a toddler outfit, you can do a search on Toddler Clothing. This will bring up the buyers guide on toddler clothing, allowing you to search by size, price, colors, and basically whatever you are looking for. You could also do a search on toys and games and get the buying guide for Childrens Toys and Games and choose what style of toys, like classic, creative, outdoor, etc.

My favorite is the Children's Books guide. It's split up to different specifics, making it easier to find what type of book you are looking for. They even have a best sellers list for those looking to stay in the trend.

They don't just have childrens items, they have a buyers guide for EVERYTHING. Just visit their site and I bet you'll find the certain something you've been looking for.


Aim said...

that sounds awesome! i may never have to go to the store again.

Just ME the MOM said...

Thanks for the tips, I do almost all my shopping online these days . . . can't figure out why people want to drive all over town when something can come right to your doorstep, frequently for FREE :)