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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dreaming of warm weather

My husband and I always fight when there is snow on the ground. He wants to move to a warmer climate and I don't want to leave family. Something that would settle our arguments would be to invest in a vacation home to visit during the cold and snowy months.

One spot that sounds absolutely delicious would be buying or renting a spot in San Diego. Mission Beach is located between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay at the center of The Strand, the most popular beach area in the City of San Diego.

Mission Beach is a popular vacation destination with water sports of all types and a gorgeous sand stretching over 3 miles with a boardwalk to boot. I remember when I went to Ocean City and just loved shopping on the boardwalk there.

I'm a Midwest girl who is amused easily. I love to watch the ocean waves come back and forth and beautiful ocean sunsets. The thought of being able to go to where you can play volleyball in the winter sounds tempting!

My other choice might be to pick Florida with some fair real estate choices. It would have to be close to Disney World though-my favorite place in the world.

Now, I've got myself wanting summer to get here-darn it! Are you some where warm right now?


Kristen Andrews said...

we are really sick of winter too, I think cali sounds good to me

sara said...

Me too, I want summer to get here!! I am so tired of the cold!! I would LOVE to live close to Disney World

Veronica Lee said...

It's warm here and very wet too. It has been raining almost every evening.

Have a nice day, Tess!

secret agent woman said...

I'd be on the warm weather side of the fight.