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Saturday, September 6, 2008

C-section possibilites and disposing of a rat

Today for my post, there will be no humor, no witty comments or a "writer's outlook".
Today, I just want to scream at the top of my lungs.
First, I know you want to know about the baby. He's not here yet and they did the inducing but it didn't work. They are trying to soften the cervix now and if that doesn't work, it's a c-section. Mom to be is fine, except that we went through the nightmare I feared to come true- the father found out we were there. It just so happens that his friend was up at the hospital because his girlfriend just had a baby. (go figure, birds of a feather..) and he called him. This was such a joyous occasion until he came and then it all went to hell.
Did my daughter tell him to go to the deepest, darkest, smelliest hole and die? No. She acted like they were best friends. She became a different person and I wanted to strangle her. Was I the only one that remembers everything that happened? Was I the only one who remembers being there for her through the pain of what he did? I was hot. I wanted to take him by the throat and rip every organ out of his body and stomp it into the ground.
I tried to reason with her, I reminded her of the plan where she tells the nurses and they take him by his shirttail and throw him into the elevator. What does she say? "I don't care if he is here."
Does this boy deserve to be here for my daughter's baby's delivery? NO. We are taking care of her and we are supporting her and we have been there for her-not him.
I wanted to take her by her arms and shake her and say, What the #!%!$!%*%$##!$%#!$%# are you thinking??
So, now this joyous occasion turned sour and what should of been her day, turned into his day.
Should I just bite my tongue and let him just take over with his pompous attitude and his no respect for authority attitude? Maybe. But, if you know me, then you know I just couldn't.
Jessica is very beautiful, smart, funny and could go far in life. I can't take the chance of him worming his no good, rotten, not-going-anywhere-life butt back into her life. My blood pressure was high and I wanted to kill him.
I decided to tell her that if she wanted me to handle this, then I just asked one thing- keep him away from us. He could wait in the waiting room with an occasional visit in the room when she told him it was ok. Did this boy respect this? Nope. He started just coming in uninvited and disrespecting our wishes. I tried to give him a chance to see if he changed but he was the same rotten kid.
Should I of just let it go again? Should I just pretend he didn't exist for my daughter's sake? I know, probably. But with my emotions already running high with being worried about my daughter, no sleep and that douche bag there, I lost it. I grabbed my stuff and said that I was leaving. This brought on alot of crying and anger and finally, Jessica's step mom step in and took him for a "walk" to talk to him.
This ended him being around me for the night and when we went home, he was still in the waiting room and was going to stay overnight out there because he doesn't have a car (go figure) and didn't have a way back.
Did I sleep last night? Barely. Visions of them getting married in the hospital while I was gone and moving into his camper haunted me all night.
I'm off to hospital in a little while and I'm sure that the first thing I'll see is that WASTE OF A HUMAN BODY sitting there when I get off the elevator. Damn those metal detectors these days. Puts a damper on being able to tote a semi-automatic pistol in your purse.
Ahh, see? I guess I can add a little humor.


Caroline said...

I am thinking about you and your daughter!

Angela Moore said...

WOW Tess! Hang in there - the baby will be there soon and that's what matters most. I also recommend keeping a bag of dry concrete in the trunk for just such occasions. JK!! If the FBI ever checks you out online we'll both be in trouble. Be sure to post pics when the little one is finally here!!!

Helene said...

Ugh!! I was hoping to read that the baby had already arrived! I'm so sorry he showed up and took the attention away from your daughter. This is supposed to be a happy, joyous occasion, not one filled with tension and stress. I'm just so sorry that he took that away from you both by showing up uninvited.

Hopefully the rest of her birth experience will go smoothly!!!

Stephanie said...

Geez, that baby just doesn't want to come out. Hopefully he'll be there soon. Good luck with the baby's father. I hope everything turns out okay.

Cathy said...

Sorry to hear the baby's father made you so stressful and burning with anger. Hopefully it'll work out in the end.

Hang in there.