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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eight legged freaks

Yesterday, while playing out back, Emily decided to hunt for caterpillars by the fence. As I watched her dig through the dirt, I was reminded of when I was little and how I would always be coming home with some sort of bug or amphibian. I'm always amazed at myself when I think about how I would hold worms and frogs and things with a million legs. I say this now, because I will literally jump out of my skin if anything with eight legs or more even THINKS about crawling on me.

So, when I see her squeal in delight when she finds a worm and sticks it about 1 inch in front of my face, I have to wonder if she will still feel the same way 20 years from now? Or instead will she say, What the hell was I thinking? I wanted to keep that big black hairy wolf spider as a pet and call him Frank? OH MY GOD!!

I hope she won't change and develop a phobia like her mama to those little guys to the point of being paralyzed when a little spider takes a walk across the wall right above her head.
So for now I'll let her play with her little creatures and I'll try not to "teach" her to be afraid of them. The only thing is, she just doesn't understand why her new little friends keep "escaping" during the middle of the night from their jar. I just shrug my shoulders and tell her that's just one of Mother Nature's wonders...


eighthelpinghands said...

xjyThat is soo true how we change over time. I use to love all that stuff and now if I see a spider I feel sick to my stomache and feel like I want to faint. EEEWWW!

Thanks for the award nomination. I appreciate your kindness and encouragement.


Zen Ventures said...

Yikes! squiggly worms! I hope she outgrows it! :) She's very cute though.

MBC mom

JenniBeanV said...

GREAT pictures!!!