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Friday, September 26, 2008

Doing cartwheels off the couch

Things have been very busy this week, with putting a wedding album together, pictures to be edited, a book to finish writing and another to start and family life stuff on top of it all. Especially exhausting has been dealing with Emily asking every day if it's dance class day. Boy, has that been a task! But, I have been busting my ass so I would have everything done by today. Why? Because I have no photo shoots or weddings or anything scheduled this weekend. Yes, that's right. A free Saturday- I almost peed my pants at the thought of it. I'm so excited to sleep in if I want, walk around in my jams til noon and spend some time with the family.
We haven't decided totally what we want to do and that's fine with me because I feel my life has been "scheduled" for me the last couple of weeks without a break and it is going to be busy the next month or two, so an unplanned day is fine with me. We didn't get to go anywhere this summer that we had planned, so we may plan a trip to some of the local attractions.
If we take a vote, mine will be for the zoo. It's the perfect time of the year to visit and see my most favorite animal, the giraffe. I'm sure I'll be out voted though. Whatever we decide, I'll be sure to bring the camera to catch our day for the Internet.
I just have to make sure that I avoid anything that could possibly or even remotely remind Emily of DANCE CLASS.


eighthelpinghands said...

Staying in jammies until noon! How tacky! Hee Hee! I tend to stay in mine all day long. If your family out votes you on the zoo, ours here, the National zoo is really cool. So feel free to come on out and visit. No giraffes though, gave him to San Diego Zoo to make more room for the elephants! I know! I know! Sandra feels the same way you do about giraffes. A travesty I tell ya.
Great photos. Michelle

Dana said...

a free saturday -woo-hoo!! enjoy it girl!

Elizabeth Channel said...

How nice to have a free day! Hope you are having fun!

Elle said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off and had fun with your family.