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Monday, May 11, 2009

Good bye, old friend

The contest is now over. I have that same feeling that you get when an old friend that lives far away goes back home after visiting for a couple of weeks. Or when your child leaves the nest for the first time. My "baby" is gone now and I feel empty. (sigh) Maybe my card will come visit again or at least write-I doubt it.

I've decided to do what you do when your child moves out or a guest leaves-clean "house". I'm cleaning out my blog and am going to rearrange things and add things and it should be fun. Do you miss our picture of our Hallmark card? I may put it back up as a memory of our journey. Don't worry though, we'll probably get involved in some other contest soon and I'll be bugging you to vote. I'm just nice like that.

So, yesterday I started my revamp between running to the store to buy last minute flowers for the mom, mom-in-law and grandma in my life. I also attempted to make apple dumplings using Pioneer Woman's awesome recipe-I made the mistake of leaving them in the oven and asking the hubs to turn off the oven. He asks, should he leave them in the oven after he turns it off? Sure, I reply. Not a good idea it turns out. Everyone got dumplings that were a bit brown on top. I just can't bake. I have beautiful visions in my head but alas, they never look like them in reality. Don't worry, I'll never bug you to vote for my award winning apple pie.

I did get a nice Mother's Day card from my youngest. The girl on the front looks just like her. Ironically, my grandson gave the exact card to his mom. We think alike- I like that.


Terra said...

Have they announced the winner yet?

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Terra- Not until the 18th. This will be a long week!

Too Many Hats said...

That sounds like the best Mother's Day card :)

Helene said...

Tess, it does feel wierd not voting anymore! I sincerely hope you win!!! I checked my stats and there were tons of clicks over to the Hallmark site so hopefully that helped!!!

I made the PW Apple Dumplings awhile back and they are to die for!! You gotta try making them won't be sorry! Make sure you have gobs of vanilla ice cream to go with it. You'll feel like you died and went to heaven!

When you have a chance, stop by my blog and check out the super fun art contest/giveaway I'm hosting. I just listed the prizes today!! I bet you and Emily will be able to create something really fun for the contest!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day.

Heather Happymaker said...

Apple Dumplings, yay! Makes me think of the Apple Dumpling gang.

Love the three little photos of your kids in the "About Me" section!

Paula Constable said...

I was just going to ask if you won. What will you do with all your time? :)