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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta do it

Yesterday, I did a very bad thing. I. I. I.....bought my youngest daughter her summer wardrobe. Huh? You are saying out loud right now-yes, I can hear you through the monitor. Ok, that's not the bad thing. The bad thing is where I got them and how much I spent. Let me tell you first about why I gave into this elaborate shopping spree. There is this very cool store that I totally love and the little girl clothes are soooooo cute. They make them like mini big girl clothes and I just want to eat them up, they are so adorable. The only thing is, they are a bit costly. By costly, I don't mean $50 an outfit or even close to that. But, they are more than what I see fit to spend on kids clothes that they grow out of in a season or sooner. I'm a Walmart and Target shopper for kids clothes. JcPenneys at the end of the season if I get lucky to find a bargain. $3.50 for shorts or tshirt? I'm there!

But, every year since Emily was born, I say that I'm going to splurge just one time at this place. I mean, isn't that what little girls are for to dress them up in this-outfit-is-so-cute-I-want-to-gobble-her-up clothes? The thing is though, I never did it. One year. Two years. Three years. Didn't do it.

On Sunday, we stopped in this store (which I havent been in for about a year) and I was already sweating before I walked in the double doors. I love this place! I knew already before we walked up to the little girl's section that I was going to be all like, Awww, this is so cute! I love this! OH MY GOSH, WHERE'S MY CHECKBOOK?! Only this time, I didn't think about my mini me being with me. I heard a squeal from behind. Mommy! Mommy! I LOOOOOVE this outfit! Oh, and look at this one! Pink! A pink one! Yes, I had introduced her to Princess Outfit Land and she was addicted already. My oldest daughter was with us too and she was even holding up outfits to little Zach and wondering if anyone would noticed if she dressed him up in a cute pink and brown halter top outfit? She asked if I could have another girl and she could dress her up in little cute girl clothes-I don't think so, Hun.

Anyway, I mentally tallied up the cost of all the outfits I really wanted to get her and sighed. I reasoned with myself- not the kind of reasoning you would think. I told myself that I SHOULD do this. Just once. If I don't then she will grow up and I will of missed being able to have fun dressing her up in something other than Garanimals from Walmart. Do it. Do it. Do it. chanted in my head. I looked at Emily and I swore her eyes became those hypnotic spinning circles as she grinned from ear to ear.

I had made up my mind. I was going to do it. Just this once. But, I had to come back when there were no witnesses. So yesterday after dance, Emily and I snuck off to go shopping. I did end up putting back half of what I had in the cart because well, I did have to make a house payment this month and all. We got some adorable outfits and she (Emily) put on one of the tshirts in the car to show Daddy when we got home. The shirt said, Sorry Daddy Says No Dating. He loved it, of course.

Did we show him the rest of the clothes or even TOLD him we got anything else? Now, what do you think????


eight helping hands said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk. Hiding things from hubby? About girl clothes??????
Been there done that! I usually only tell/show him half the stuff I buy and I have three girls. Buth they're soo cute and sooo cute on!
I'm with ya sister! Be sure to post a pic of her in one of the outfits. p.s. I just Sandra a little dress with pink lady bugs for $35.00 shhhh don't tell.

Aim said...

I hope he doesn't read the blog! LOL

Tami said...

heh heh, I do the same thing, except.. I do it for MYSELF. I hide my clothing in the car, then when hubby see's the card statement, I always say..
If you had a daughter it would be MUCH, worse! LOL.

I hardly do it now though. I LOVE the fact you did it for your little one! She deserves it.


tracy said...

Now thats why I wanted a daughter :) Those kids clothes are so fabulous!!

Im jealous :)

Too Many Hats said...

Uh-oh you may have set yourself up to do this again in the fall. You know dd will want to get her winter clothes there too :)

Terra said...

I love shopping for my girls, I read the post twice and still want to know what store you were at!

Heather Happymaker said...

As a Mom of a baby girl I can tell you that I understand baby girl clothing fever! When I found out I was pregnant with a little girl I went on an eBay shoppinig spree and spent ridiculous amounts of money for things.

Don't feel bad, just don't make it a habit. And now that the deed is done, relish it! Have fun with the cute clothing.

Jennifer said...

All I know is I don't have a daughter, and I have to hold myself back from buying all the cute girl outfits out there! I can't imagine having your little one there, giving you googly eyes too! LOL!

Helene said...

Tess, I just took my daughter shopping for some summer clothes and we had a blast!! I was throwing clothes at her faster than she could grab them off the racks....everything was SO adorable. Made me wish I was little again! I walked out of the store $200 later...I told her on the way home that we had to show Daddy all the cute things we bought BEFORE handing him the receipt.

Thank you so much for putting the info up about the art contest/giveaway!! Oh and SITS stands for Secret is in the Sauce. I have their button on the right sidebar of my blog. Go check them out and join's a great way to meet other bloggers as well as gain new readers for your blog!

Creative Junkie said...

I miss shopping for little girl clothes! My youngest is 8 now and the clothes just aren't as cute. But she is so much easier to shop for than my 15 year old. I think I'd rather have root canal without drugs than shop with a teenager.

Buckeroo said...

I'm so with you there! Little girls are meant for dressing up in those cute little outfits. :) I try to be a bit practical about it, though, and have discovered a place where they carry high quality export over-runs (Ralph Lauren, Jacadi, etc.) at a mere fraction of the cost. I just have to control myself from buying everything they have!