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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue + Brown = Black?

Emily's blue eyes are changing now that she is getting older-the only thing is, they really aren't a certain color at all.
I have blue eyes and my husband has brown eyes.
I'm wondering, is there is such a thing as black eyes??


Brian Miller said...

ha. what a cut pic! black eyes...i dunno, i bet they find their color.

Debbie said...

She is so matter what color her eyes end up being!

Jacki said...

What a great smile. Saying hi from Friday follow.

Jessica said...

Black? They'll probably be brown. Both my kids have brown eyes, and their dad insists they're green.
On that theory, call them whatever your mood is that day; black, green, heck - violet.
Now Following -FF

One 2 Try said...

Oh but how pretty she smiles with those eyes. Thank you for joining Friday Follow. Rita @ One 2 Try.

Eclipsed said...

Following via Friday Follow.

My sister had black eyes. I used to tell her it was because she was left by gypsies. Such a beautiful girl.

Crayon Wrangler said...

Found you through FF. Just to let you know, I have a daughter with black eyes and a husband with black eyes. I love those two...but honestly...their eyes creep me out.

Looking forward to reading more of what you write!

Fertility Chick said...

Happy Friday! Now a follower via Friday Follow!

dustinnikki said...

Hi, Happy Follow Friday! I'm your newest follower!


Sarah Lynne said...

Happy Saturday!! I am a New Friday Follower!!


joeandbridge said...

Happy Friday Follow (on Saturday-lol). Stopping in to be your newest follower! Hope you can come follow me! Thanks and have a great weekend!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Xenia said...

I've never heard of having black eyes, but she sure is a cutie!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm already following your fun blog :)

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Black eyes tend to be dark brown eyes?
She is one adorable little princess - precious in any eye color :)

Morgan said...

I bet you they will be green or hazel.

Brown eyes seem to get established while the child is a baby- i.e. by 6 mo.- 1 year, but green eyes seem to take a while. My eyes were blue until I was about 3. They were hazelish for part of my youth, and then ended up just green.

I've noticed the same thing happening with my kids too. Their eyes didn't turn greenish until at least 2 years old, and one of them kept turning darker into a hazel until he turned 5.