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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

Yep, that's right.


Words with a Blogger Wednesday!

This week's awesome blogger is

Brian from

Tell us about yourself, Brian:
My eyes are green with a hazel ring around the center and they are filled with stories. There is just something about peoples eyes that tells so much about them. My name is Brian. I am happily married to a lady I fell in love with the moment she walked in the door. We have two boys that are in a competition to see who can visit the hospital the most in a calendar year.

I work as a therapist for children at risk of being removed from their home. This is just the most recent of a hodgepodge of jobs I have held since surviving college. For fun I write, walk in the woods and have fun with my family.

Oh, and I blog...

When did you start blogging?

October 2008

Do you make money from your blog?

I made a conscious decision early on to keep a pretty clean and simple format to my blog. No money yet, but maybe there is a publisher out there that will stumble upon me and change all that. (think they will get the hint?)

How frequently do you post?

From the beginning I posted daily. recently I have cut back to 6 posts a week. it is a good rhythm that challenges me to be disciplined in my writing.

Do you have a favorite blogger(s) that you just can't live without reading?

otin @
she writes @

I read quite a few blogs daily, so this was a hard one.

Have your readers influenced you in any way?

Most definitely. poetikat challenged me about 5 months ago to start writing poetry. before that I only told stories. now 50% of my posts are poetry. jingle spurred that on with her weekly poetry rally.

I listen to what people are saying when they leave comments. If there are posts that people don't get, it makes me think about how I will write the next time. I always try new things, some work some don't.

Outside of my writing I have a few great friends that came just from blogging, several of them I talk with on the phone now as well. I would say they have influenced me in many ways.

Has blogging changed your life in any way?

Most definitely, I used to have all this free time and It has opened the door to using a passion of mine that I let lay dormant for far too long. I love telling stories, it makes me feel alive. Blogging gave me that opportunity.

What do you do when you get writer's block?

This actually happens quite regularly. I write. its the only way to dig out. I also keep a notebook and jot down interesting tidbits each day. Sometimes it is a phrase, sometimes it is a word that jumps out at me, sometimes its a story. I go back through the notes when I get a block and usually something will speak to me.

Any other advice you might have for newbie bloggers?

A couple questions actually...why are you blogging? what are you trying to say? Are you being yourself and talking about what you love? those really help with the content.

If you want comments, comment. it really is that simple. if you want relationships, share yourself. also, pace yourself. its better to blog for the long haul than to make a big splash and disappear. I hate seeing people disappear.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share with all your wonderful readers today!

You are so welcome, Brian!


pam said...

Nice to get to know you Brian!

Brian Miller said...

woohoo...he's so cool. err..ok, i should have said that as anonymous. i will drop up a thing on my page here in a few...

Brian Miller said...

thanks pam!

Christina said...

Oh wow! Brian is one of my daily reads (when my day isn't interfering with reading). Very cool to see him featured, he's an awesome writer!

Poetikat said...

Brian is a wonderful person, a heart-filled writer and he has tons of potential to be great. I would not be surprised if some publisher DOES snap him up some day.
Very good interview.


Eva Gallant said...

Great interview. Love Brian's blog. I only started to follow him a few days ago and am hooked.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

This a wonderful interview, Brian.

Ha ha ha.... very cute, Brian.... don't worry,
I will always support you. I try to come to your blog daily too.

I hope you will get published too.
You look great as a writer!

Thank you so much Tess for hosting Brian.


otin said...

Wow, Brian, I am very honored to have you mention me in your interview. I think that the Brotin Tales are one of my favorite parts of blogging.

What I really admire is that people like your blog, strictly for your writing. No gadgets or frills. People appreciate content!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Congratulations Brian,
I thought I posted a comment just
You will be published, you deserve to be.

Thank you so much Tess for hosting Brian,
he is a truly wonderful father, loving husband,
good friend and a great blogger!


amy said...

Great interview! ..and, thanks for the tips about blogging.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Learned a bit about Brian I did not know from his blog and wonderful writing. Thanks... -J

Angie Johnson said...

What a great blogger. I love his advice for writters block. I have just come across your blog and I think it's great that you feature a blogger on Wednesdays.

souldose said...

I'm now following Brian and after this I know him a lot better

The Muse said...

"met" brian through magpie tales.
his comments are always he peels beneath the layers of his read!

Who Is Afraid of Tim Burton? Two?... said...

Hi! Brian,
Woot! hoo!...he's so cool. err..ok, I should have said that as anonymous too...wait!
LOL!!! I don't have to say that anon(ymous).

Nice interview Brian, I agree with you wholeheartedly, the eyes are the mirror to the ...soul!
Thanks,for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Jackie said...

I answered your questions on the advice to a newbie blogger here lol

Creative Junkie said...

So glad you're bringing this series back, Tess! It's a great way to find bloggers that I would otherwise never discover.

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

Hi, I am your latest follower from Friday Follow (on a saturday). Please stop by my blog at and follow us as well.

Have a lovely weekend

eight helping hands said...

Glad to see Words with a Blogger Wednesday's are back! I especially like to see guy bloggers as the world thinks blogging is for bored housewives!
Anyhoo, good interview, nice to meet you Brian and I am now on my way over to his blog to become a stalker, I mean follower!