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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Already a perfectionist

With this being Emily's first year of school, I've been wondering how she would do at school. I've worked with her all summer on learning words, spelling her name, etc. I wanted to make sure that she had a good start and hoped that I did enough.

We had our first teacher conference and other then her teacher telling us a funny story about how Emily told her one day that I had a baby boy over the weekend (news to me!) she said she was doing well.

We received a note the other day that let us know that they would be having their first test soon. Test? Already? I was probably more nervous then she was because I know how she can be if everything is not perfect. What would she do if she didn't do well? Give the teacher her evil glare and demand a redo? Run out of the room screaming, how will I go on?

Time had passed and I actually forgot about the test coming until I opened her planner yesterday and found a note stapled to it. I opened it and read that they had taken the test and she only missed one and was put in the "exceeds" level. I showed her and congratulated her. I told her how good she did and that she got 22 out of 23 right! I figured she'd be so happy to hear that.

Instead of getting happy, she just looked at the test score and was quiet for a minute. She then looked at me, squinted her eyes and asked, "What question did I get wrong?"

I told her that I didn't know what one she missed, but that it didn't matter because she did very good. She gave me the "look" again and just sighed and then walked away, shaking her head.

Like I said before-I so feel sorry for her teachers.


Brian Miller said...

had i am glad she is doing good though...that is great!

Annette Piper said...

Well, at least she's an achiever!

Marla said...

She is my kindred spirit. Love this!

secret agent woman said...

Uh oh! On the other hand, better that than not caring if she gets the answers right.