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Monday, October 25, 2010

A grand opening

I finally had my grand opening of my "studio". Not everyone could make it, but we had a good time anyway.
I slaved over this cake that I just had to make for the party. I saw a photo of it online and went by that. This cake was massive! please ignore what it was on-I didn't think about getting something to put it on.
I took some photos while waiting for the guests to arrive. Emily dove into the food first.

While Zachary just ran around.

Avrie watched tv.

Jess was just glad to be able to sit down for a moment.

Now, on to the studio...

Picture a brown couch in front of the white curtain backdrop area. It didn't make it here on time for the party.

I got some awesome photos of the kids up on the walls. Emily didn't like the fact that her pictures weren't the only ones up there-she must take after her vain father.
I'm so excited to have an indoor set up. Now, all I need are some clients!


Brian Miller said...

nice. looking good...and that cake looks yummy...congrats!

blueviolet said...

How exciting for you! The clients will come. I know it!

sara said...

Wow, that looks wonderful! Congratulations! And, my mouth is watering, that cake looks fabulous!!

Nezzy said...

That cake looks amazin'....I thought I smelled chocolate from waaay over at my place! I'm sure the clients will pile in girl!

God bless ya and have the most incredible week sweetie!!!

Veronica Lee said...

Congrats, Tess!! Your studio is awesome!

Here's to lots of clients!!

secret agent woman said...

Want. That. Cake.

secret agent woman said...

Want. That. Cake.