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Friday, October 15, 2010

A wrinkle cream that WILL be your best friend

I talk alot about finding ways to fight those tiny lines and wrinkles. I get contacted by lots of companies to promote their products, and most I turn away. I don't believe in recommending just another lotion that ends up just making me break out. It's hard to find the perfect wrinkle cream. I know. I've tried many.

Or, how about an anti aging cream that really works? IMPOSSIBLE.

When Perricone contacted me and asked if I would run a giveaway, I researched their products and found out that they use high quality ingredients. Doctor Perricone (yes, a real doctor) did his research and I'm including this from the website for you:

Antioxidants are at the core of Dr. Perricone's philosophy on aging, combatting not just free radicals, but inflammation as well. How? Our cells use oxygen to produce energy and they generate free radicals as a byproduct of this and many other metabolic functions like circulation and digestion. Free radicals are also produced by sunlight, toxins such as pesticides, cigarette smoke and air pollution. Free radicals are without question the central players in the aging process. But there is another natural phenomenon that affects aging- inflammation. Not the redness, swelling or irritation you may think of but subclinical inflammation, which is not visible to the naked eye, and takes place at the cellular level.

Perricone MD's products incorporate many potent, highly effective antioxidants to improve your health and combat the effects of aging.

Pretty cool, huh?

These are not your five dollar skincare products. These are high quality and make your skin feel like a baby's skin.

Now, how would YOU like to try this out for yourself? They are offering one lucky winner any product valued at $150 or less to see just how great their products are!

How to win:

(U.S. and Canada only)

Required entry:

Comment and share which Perricone product valued at $150 or less they want or need and why, as a required form of entry.

Two entries:

Tweet it and come back and leave two separate comment.

Follow me and leave two separate comment.

Three entries:

Post about this contest and leave three separate comments.

Good luck!

Contest ends:



Nezzy said...

Oh baby it would be Cold Plasma all the way 'cause it promises to correct the ten signs of agin' and believe you me this Ozark chick has 'em all and then some. It isn't easy runnin' wild eyed cattle all over the Ponderosa.

I just wanted to let you know I got 148 comments on your book review. I left it up a long time 'cause I had to go to Brownsville Tx. to spend time with my Daddy who lost his three decade battle with Leukemia last Wed. Let's just say bloggin' has not been a priority.

Ya'll have a magnificently blessed weekend. Ya hear??? :o)

A Moms Rantings said...

well lets see. First I would get Perricone MD – Active Tinted Moisturizer and the Perricone MD – High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift . Yep, that would be what I would get. amomsrantings (at)

A Moms Rantings said...

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A Moms Rantings said...

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Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Can't wait to see the reviews on these.