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Monday, October 18, 2010

Living with pests-you don't have to!

With all my problems with pests lately, I've considered hiring a Pest Control Service. I hate spiders and anything creepy and crawly to the point of about having a heart attack when one gets in the house.

There are many pest control services, like if you lived in Las Vegas, you could find a Las Vegas Pest Control service for your needs. While doing some research, I found out a few interesting Bug Facts about preventing pests from getting in your home:

Make sure that you can't see daylight through your door when closed-I have one of those doors!
Cut shrubs and bushes back at least a foot from house.

Keep tree branches from growing over roof-this allows rodents to climb onto house!

Caulk any holes around your house to prevent pests from getting inside.

Like I mentioned before, if you are looking for Pest Control Services in Nevada, there is a company that offers a guaranteed home and Commercial Pest Control. Elite Pest Control serves the Henderson and Las Vegas areas and have been in service for over a decade.

Though, I don't live in that area, I know that pests can be bad for people and having a Pest Control Company in Las Vegas available that you can trust is good to know!


blueviolet said...

Wood mulch around the foundation is not helpful either!