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Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky but safe Halloween fun

(Guest post written by Chantelle Baron)

Halloween is by far our favorite holiday around our house, well probably my daughter's second favorite because her birthday would be her favorite. But, we go all out when ti comes to the holiday.
I was feeling especially in the spirit this weekend so I went online to try and find some Halloween themed treat I could make. When I was searching for something I found the website and read through it. It ends up that after some serious consideration I decided to change over our internet service to it.
When i was doing that a great idea for a Halloween treat came up on me and I got the idea to make some rice crispy treats with candy corn mixed into it. While I was sharing it with my daughter, I made sure to remind her about trick or treating safety even though I've told her about 100 times before. IÕm letting her go with her friends and her friendÕs mom this year so I wonÕt be there to keep an eye on her the whole time. But sheÕs a smart girl so I think sheÕll be okay.


Brian Miller said...

nice. so how did they taste?