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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling like I'm ninety

My oldest has had a whirlwind of a life lately. She just had a baby, lost a job, started a new one, moved (again) and her car has been falling apart.

Whew! I got tired just typing that.
With everything going on, I've felt that I adopted two new kids as much as the grand babies have been over. I've taken well advantage of having the baby over to use her as my model. I'll be posting some photos that I took recently soon.

Zach and I have gotten even closer and he's my new bud. I think that he's starting to think that he lives at our house and "visits" his mom. I bet his mom wouldn't mind that!

I'm ready for a much needed break-not sure when THAT'S happening. I'm planning on having my studio opening party this weekend.

I'm thinking about adding alcohol to the mix.


Brian Miller said...

aw...arent they beautiful...

Christina said...

Adorable grandbabies! Alcohol can make any opening better. ;-) Enjoy!

secret agent woman said...


But it looks like you're considering adding alcohol to the older one's cup! :-)

Annette Piper said...

Gorgeous kiddies! You sound exhausted just relating your daughter's life of late - I think you need some recovery time!