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Monday, October 18, 2010

Just be a kid already

A problem I've had to deal with over the years is my son acting way older then his age (14). Why do I call this a problem? Well, because he not only tries to act older then his age, but older then ME.

I constantly have to remind him that I've been on this earth WAY longer then he has, and I just might know a bit more then him. I still remember him doubting that I knew the answer to a question on his homework, and him not thinking that I was right until he looked it up on the Internet.

He will bring up questions about topics that normally a person in their twenties or thirty might question.

Lately, he's been questioning about the difference of our religion and his father's. I don't know if he is wanting to change religions, or this boy just spends way too much time on the Internet. He had brought it up this morning again and I finally told him to stop trying to act like an adult and just enjoy his childhood.

Chase girls, have fun with high school, and just be a kid.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

At age 5, my daughter already gives me the look. It's that how-do-you-know look. It takes all I have to tell her to pipe down just because she's only 5!

I think 14 is prime religious questioning age - have fun with that!

sara said...

That's goes too fast as it is!!

Brian Miller said...

they grow up way too fast....yes, be a kid...

secret agent woman said...

Teenagers are supposed to be questioning authority. And really, how great is it that he's thinking about the deeper issues like religion? Mine (who are nearly 14 and 17) sure do both those things and although it can be trying, I'm thankful.