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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Blog

When you were first born, I loved and cared for you. I filled your pages with words every day. I posted photos, jokes, advice and reviews. I helped you make friends. Lots and lots of friends. Eventually, you started to grow. And grow. And grow. I got free stuff because of you. I made some money because of you. I loved you and all that you gave me.

But then I became obsessed with you. I spent too much time keeping up with your friends. I let housework go. Sacrificed time with kids. I obsessed with how many comments I got. I was in over my head with you.

I had to make the decision to back away from you.

I became busy with my other life away from you. I got a lot of things accomplished while away from you, but I missed you. I also felt guilty neglecting you. So, I kept trying to come back to you but I found that I couldn't.

I thought I would be okay to just post once in awhile. This worked for awhile. But, then I was sad again. But, then one day it hit me- maybe I needed you in a different way. In the beginning, I wanted to make you big for the fame, the income, and the ego. I had forgotten about the other side of blogging-support, advice, friends and being a part of a real community of great people.

I should have visited you during the good times, the bad times, and 'just because' times. When I needed to talk to someone when my brother decided he didn't want to be my brother anymore, I should have turned to you. When my grandbaby was in the hospital and they didn't know what she had, I should have written about my worries. Everytime I moved closer to reaching a goal, I should have posted about my excitement. When I needed advice about my youngest not wanting to go to school, I could have turned to you.

I will no longer be obsessed with you, but to turn to you as a friend. No longer will I be concerned about how many comments I get. Instead, I will smile if I get one, but not be upset if I only have two. I will visit other blogs, but not worry if I didn't get to everyone.

So, I hope you will forgive me and welcome me back, my dear friend.


trisha @momdot blog said...

i just wrote this same post basically yesterday!

great minds..


Nezzy said...

I just adore your 'Dear Blog' letter. If not careful we can let 'em consume us.

Enjoy the day and may it be richly blessed!!!