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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A major investment

What have I been up to lately?
Marketing my photography business.
I've been trying to think 'outside of the box' and came up with some good ideas! I've been wanting to network with other vendors to try to get in connection with wedding couples, so I'm going to put together a bag filled with ads from other businesses (along with something from me) and hand them out to couples that come to see me. In return, the businesses agree to give out my card-hopefully, they do!

This weekend, I've been asked to set up a booth at the Quad City Kennel's open house and I'm also doing my first wedding show! It's a big investment and I figured it would be good timing to make it. It's pretty much using ALL my advertising budget, but if it doesn't get me any business, at least I know not to do it again.

I'm excited and also nervous. I've been running around, trying to get everything I need this week. I actually found out about at the last minute and they only had one booth left, so I had to decide quickly. I weighed the pros and cons and decided to go for it.

I will be bringing my camera, so I'll be posting photos-wish me luck!!


Brian Miller said...

nice. good job going for wishes as well...

sheila said...

I hope it all works great for you!!! Booths are tough sometimes, but don't let tough discourage you... one good lead can generate 100 more!

Getrealmommy said...

Good luck. I remember going to wedding shows as a bride... so exciting, and it was where I got a lot of my leads. Hope it works well for you!

Brook said...

I hope all works out for you and that the booth rental and all of that is a success and not just an experience. Sounds like you are doing well and hopefully a bunch of different businesses will get in with you on that idea of yours (which btw is great)!! I can't wait for the pictures if you take any!!


I hope things went well for you this weekend :-)

God bless and have a great week :-)


secret agent woman said...

Good luck with it!