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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where have you been all my life?

When you have two dogs, it's like having four kids. Bella and Mia have their unique personalities and we love their different quirks and funny things they do. They are such opposites, it's no wonder that they get along.

There is one thing that they do have in common that I wished they didn't. They both have left a little (or big if it's Bella) present for us on the rugs-Argh!!

I have probably spent the kid's college funds three time's over buying new rugs over the years. I hate the smell that never seems to totally come out. Not to mention that once they've gone in a spot, they will go there again.

I hate dragging out our huge carpet cleaner for those little (and big) messes. When I got the Little Green Compact Deep Cleaner from Bissell, I had to try it out right away. The pups hadn't left me any early Christmas presents lately, but I had some old stains that I had tried to get rid of with a hand cleaner.

I bought the pet stain solution (you can only use Bissell's compact solution, which I wasn't too thrilled with because it limits choices). I filled the cleaner according to the directions and tried it out. The stains came out quickly and the rug was not damp like the bigger cleaner left afterwards.

There are three things that stand out with this cleaner:

1. Portability - This cleaner is light and easy to move around.

2. Cleaning abilities- This cleaner may be small, but does a big job.

3. Compact- I love the size of this cleaner! It stores much easier than traditional bigger cleaners.

If you are looking to switch out your bigger cleaner for a compact one, I would suggest investing in a Little Green Compact Deep Cleaner.

"I was given a Bissell Little Green Compact Deep Cleaner from for review and my honest opinion."