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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Yes, it's a little belated. I've had a slow start to the year. We celebrated our Christmas with my dad this last weekend, my youngest got pink eye (again) just in time for school to start, and I've been busting my butt marketing my photography business.

I hope everyone else's year has been less hectic so far. I know I've been neglecting my blog alot lately and not visiting others, but things should settle down here shortly.

With that, I have some conversations with a six year old to leave you with:

At the doctor's office with dad...

Nurse: "Looks like you've got pink eye again."

Emily: "Daddy says Mommy was a dummy to not put the drops in BOTH of my eyes."

Dad: (embarrassed) "Hehe.."


Emily: "Mom, can you clean my room?"

Me: "Why can't you do it?"

Emily: "Because Dad says it's your job."


Me: "Emily, you'll have to stay home from school because of your pink eye."

Emily: "Oh no!"

Me: "What?"


Me: "I hope you still have that attitude when you hit high school."


Brook said...

Lol what kids will say are the cutest things!! Lol the doctor office one was funny. I've had quite a slow start to the new year too but I'm liking it since last year was too fast for me lol

Nezzy said...

Oh my goodness is sooooo contagious. Be careful sweetie.

God bless ya and have a very happy and prosperous New Year!!! :o)