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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Show

I realized that I never posted photos from the bridal show I did. Silly me! You'll have to excuse the blurriness. I had to quickly run and take them and run back. I didn't take the time to stop and focus. Bad, bad me!!

Jess was making our slips for our drawing we had for $100 off our wedding package. I thought of it that morning, so we had to hurry up and throw it together.

Here was our setup.

It wasn't as glamorous as the other fancier photographer's booths, but we still had tons of people come to our booth. My major selling point was our price.

This bride was my favorite bride, so I use her photos for lots of advertising.

It started getting busy fast.

I booked 4 weddings because of the show, so I think this will be part my advertising budget every year as long as I do weddings.

Besides, it's was a lot of fun!


secret agent woman said...

Four weddings! Good for you!