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Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jess!

Today you turn 19. As they always say, "It seems like just yesterday..."
You know how it goes, I blinked and you grew up. But that's how I feel and I probably will always feel like just yesterday you were still my little girl.

I know it's your birthday and you've been waiting to unwrap something, but first I would like to thank you for all the gifts that you gave me. What? Is that what you just said out loud? Yep. My gifts on your birthday. Now, just be quiet and let me list all the gifts that I want to thank you for.
I would just like to thank you for...

...being a best friend.
...being strong even after enduring so much in your young life like, being a victim of a terrible crime, loosing a father so early in life and becoming a mother. me the most beautiful, happy and lovable little grandbaby.
...being a wonderful mother to your little boy.
...putting up with my craziness and even though I've called to check on you for the tenth time in the last hour, you act as though I hadn't called you all day.

...having faith that you can handle anything that life throws at you.
...always helping out with your two younger siblings and not picking on them too much.
...taking half of my advice and at least pretend to listen to the rest.
...letting me in and telling me about your hopes and dreams and your troubles and fears.

Yes, I know that it's your birthday today, but I would like to tell you about one more gift that I'm thankful for EVERY day and that's the gift of you being my daughter.

Happy Birthday, Jess!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, that is so sweet!

Happy birthday, Jess!

Cinder Rail'lee said...

This is so touching, you are an amazing mom yourself! You're awesome!

eight helping hands said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! That was a very nice gift for your daughter today. I hope I get to meet the whole family when I come back this summer for my visit.

Lisa Samples said...

This brought tears to my eyes!!! You are both very lucky!
Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of1

Anonymous said...

That is so incredibly sweet! Happy Birthday, Jess!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Jess! This is really sweet!

Terra said...

Can I stop my girls from growing up?? She is beautiful, but I just can't picture my babies all growed up!!!

Fearless Mom said...

she's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful and touching. I'm in tears now. You have an amazing daughter!