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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hiding in Internet land

Sometimes the Internet can be bad for your health. For instance, when I am bored or should be doing work to further my career, I tend to waste my hours surfing on the Internet. I look up dumb things and then I might go Internet "window shopping" and put items on my wish list that someday I may get but most of the time don't. Well, Saturday was one of those days and I pretty much wasted 4 hours of my life surfing.

While on my useless journey, I found this site called,
It is a genealogy site that has all these fun programs on it to see who you might look like in your family and it's kind of fun.

It also has this program to see what celebrity you resemble most and I was a bit curious to see what would turn up for me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them this is who they picked:
Melinda Clark and I were compared at 79%!

All I can say is, bless their little hearts!

I was thinking about getting one of those lip plumping jobs but apparently, I don't need too! These people could probably sell me some swamp land in Florida too.

So, make your day and upload a photo of yourself and see what beautiful star is your twin! :)


eight helping hands said...

Ha! I just did it, I look like Mare Winningham, yuck! I wanted someone cute like you did.
Hubby, looks like Rod Stewart, I'm o.k. with that!

Kait T said...

I tried this and was 72% matched to Shane Filan... wow... I never knew... *sniff*

Terra said...

I can so blow a whole evening doing nothing online. Can't wait to check out that site and blow another one!

Bee and Rose said...

Fun! I am off to try it out!