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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The check is in the mail

I finally received my official finalist papers that included a hard copy of my Hallmark card , an autographed letter from all the judges (some famous!) and a check for the prize money. YAAAY!

I've been going over in my head what to do with the money (which isn't much and the Grand Prize would be WAY more-so vote for me and I'll be sure to buy the kids something from that "wink"). I've been known to feel guilty occasionally and not spend any money on myself and instead, let the hubby and kids get stuff. I've decided that this time I'm going to get something for me this time. Yep. I'm definitely blowing it on stuff that I want but wouldn't normally get because of the mommy guilt. I'm going to bring out my wish list and come up with a combination that stays within the prize amount. I really want to buy a new rug for our living room because my little pup has really ruined it by getting mad at us when we are gone and leaving us "paybacks" on it and well, the smell really never goes away in my opinion. We finally got her a kennel to put her in when everyone is gone, so hopefully the new rug would be safe. Unless, of course, the hubby forgets to put her away and then I would have to buy a kennel to put him in as well while I'm gone. Some other wish items would be new couch pillows and throws, redecorate the bathroom or a new comforter for our bedroom.

A lot to choose from and it will be hard to resist the urge to feel guilty when the kids look at me with their sad eyes and point to the ads for a new game or barbie. I will have to stand my ground that mommies are people too and they need some fun too.

One person that I did promise something from my prize money was my mom and that was to take her out to dinner for sending me the link to the contest in the first place.

So, see? I AM sharing.


Terra said...

sharing with mom is great but you MUST get the new rug! I just saw some great ones on Horchow at very reasonable pricing and we have one from there in our entry way that we have had for 8 years and it still looks great! SOME are far out priced but many are not!


eight helping hands said...

Honey your wish list, sounds like a mom wish list to me. Things for the house. What about a fantastic new usb port, or new clothes, or a new movie, or new cd?
I hope you win the big prize. You know I've already voted for you.
Thanks for the interview yesterday, that was fun.
Whatever, you choose to do with your money, enjoy!
See ya!

Morgan said...

How exciting! Congratulations on the win! Will they be sending you extra cards for your family?

Veronica Lee said...

Tough decision, huh? Don't feel guilty about getting stuff for yourself. As moms, we sooooo deserve it!!

Aim said...

Cute photo! Congrats on being a finalist. I'll help spread the word! To vote and then buy! YEAH!

Retro Heather said...

I'm still so happy for you. We need GOOD things like this to happen from time to time, ya know?

My vote is for antique shopping!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Congrats! I would so buy that card. I voted the 1st time. But I have to wait to vote again, right?

Tess-Six Feet Under Blog said...

HI everyone! I'm so excited that everyone is going to vote-remember, voting doesn't offically start until Feb 23 and I'm hoping they direct everyone to it from their hallmark contest home page at:
Thanks again!

Helene said...

I'm so glad you'll be spending your winnings on yourself!! You earned it!!

Creative Junkie said...

Go and splurge, Tess! You deserve it!

Enjoy it and to hell with mommy guilt. You get enough of that the other 364 days out of the year - take a day out for yourself!

Paula Constable said...

That is so awesome. I love your card and I voted for you -can we vote more than once?

Yes, treat yourself to something!

Connie said...

You need to do something for you! I won a Sears Card for $100 and still haven't spent it yet, but I promised myself it will be all for me. Think of all you do everyday and treat yourself. Your dinner with your Mom is a great idea and it's something that you'll enjoy. Congrats again!

Tami said...

Never feel guilty! You deserve to treat your self! A pedicure, a facial, spa weekend! Forget the things for the house and DO FOR YOU! I used to work in the Salon business, I had MANY moms come in and feel guilty! PLZ DONT!!