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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tess needs...

Ok, I've been tagged by Michelle over at Eight Helping Hands. Thanks, girl.
This one is cute. I've been finding this on many blogs that I've been reading and they are so funny!

You type your name and "needs..." into Google and see what pops up. How fun, right?

So, I did it and this is what I got:

Tess needs a spanking....Oh boy! I'm not touching this one!
Tess needs a new home....I do! A bigger one!
Tess needs help....Hey now-truth hurts, man.
Tess needs to be her own woman....(sniffle, sniffle.) I do. I really do.
Tess needs to know......Know what?!
Tess needs some time to think about what she's done......Oh-Oh. Mom, is that you?

There were more, but it was getting a little dirty and I'm trying to keep it a bit clean on here.
So I completed my task, my old friend (yeah, that's right. I called you OLD) and now I'm tagging nobody. I'm just leaving it to you if you want to include a funny "needs" line in my comment box or you can just make fun of mine if you want. Don't no matter to meeee....just don't show #1 to my hubby, please?

(I had to include this since it's time sensitive. Expires on the 15th!)
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We got one to a fancy pizza place (don't laugh) and I'm so excited because it's a surprise to the hubby.
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Hurry, though! It's going to be over with and then you'll just kick yourself for not doing it and people will ask you how you got your foot up your ass.


Tami said...

I won't tell hubby about #1. heh heh

eight helping hands said...

I had to dig to find clean ones on mine. That was cute. And who are you calling old? I just had my 20th birthday last August....for the 2oth time! :-)

Anonymous said...

I still need to do this google thing! Looks fun!

Cascia said...

That is cute! This is the first time I saw this meme.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for not wanting him to know about #1, LOL

pam said...

That is an amazing deal!!

Chris said...

LOL! Cute. I did this one too and found I need a lot of things I never even knew about.

Helene said...

I saw this on someone else's blog too and thought it was hilarious!!! I need to know what I need to know like I need a hole in my head!

Creative Junkie said...

ok - I'm going to have to do that, although I'm a little scared of what's going to come up.

Kate said...

I've never seen that meme before either. Hope the pizza place was fun