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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!
Back to Etsy, I love Paris and when I came across this store I was in love!
Then, I found out that this lady is the illustrator of Lu-lu™.
Here is Anne Keenan Higgin's Shop:

These pictures would be a perfect addition to any room!

The best part is they are only $10.00 a piece!

I could see this in my kitchen.

This one in my youngest daughter's room...

Spend a day in "Paris" and go visit her shop and buy you some!
Have a favorite Friday!


Terra said...

Oh, those are adorable!

Kait T said...

I LOVE etsy whole heartedly!

Suzanne said...

Love these!!! I do a Friday Favorites fun. I found you in the "Follow Me" club so I am a new follower. Happy Friday.

Jennifer said...

Oh! I'm addicted to all things French! LOL I'm headed over there right now! Thank you for sharing!

Bee and Rose said...

I likey those! Etsy is the best!

Chris said...

Those are cute. I could make a littel room on my walls for a couple of them.

Helene said...

Oh those are so cute!!!!!

Creative Junkie said...

omg, these are adorable!!! And yes, I used three exclamation points, that's how much I love them.