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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A visit to that scary shot-giving-man in the white jacket

Today is not a happy day. Why? Because today my youngest is going to have to go to the doctor because she is sick. This is the same child that would rather eat ten live worms than go to a doctor since her visit to the dentist. I've put this off for five days, hoping that each morning she would wake up and jump out of bed and say she feels great, but it hasn't happened yet.

She's been listening to us discuss the possibility of going to the doctor and I always follow up with going over to her and feeling her forehead or arm and say, "Yep. She's still warm. I think we can't put it off."

I tried preparing her for a possible visit the last couple of days by telling her that she wasn't going to be getting any shots. She justs gives me the DO YOU REALLY THINK I'M EVER GOING TO BELIEVE YOU AGAIN AFTER THAT DENTIST VISIT? look and hides under the covers.

She's also been trying to pretend that she's better by getting up and trying to play, followed by getting back in bed about ten minutes later. Nice try, kid.

Yesterday was her last attempt at trying to convince me that she didn't need to go to the doctor. We were watching one of her shows when she jumped up off of the couch smiling and ran to me with her hand on her forehead and yelled, "Mommy! Mommy! Look, I'm not warm anymore-I'm hot!"


eight helping hands said...

AWWW! Poor baby! Get her to the doctor stat! And it had best be followed up by her favorite ice cream.
Hope she feels better.
I'm off to give her my daily vote!

Tami said...

I'm sorry for her. I know how she's feeling. I've had this flu/cold for over a week now. It's a hard one to break. I'm usually hyper, all over the place and just can't sit still for more then 5 minutes. All I want is my bed, and 20 pillows to lay my head on.
Same with my 17 year old. He stayed in bed for 6 days.
I pray she's better. I know whats she's feeling =(

Too Many Hats said...

Poor little one. I had a house full of sick people for over 2 weeks. Only one was given anything by the doctor. I hope the doctor visit goes well and she is better soon.

Kristie R said...

hope she feels better soon

Heather Happymaker said...

Awww, poor baby! How cute! I'm sure she'll feel better very soon.

Terra said...

Poor thing, I have a dr hater too and she is 8. I kept thinking she would out grow it, NOPE. DRAMA I tell ya, drama. There is so much sick going around it just stinks!

Deb said...

What a cutie...I hope she feels better soon. My daughter reconsidered the dentist when she learned that you get even better prizes from the treasure chest when you get cavities filled.

This was followed by her deciding it was o-k not to floss, because the prizes just keep getting better and better. Yikes.

Stopping by and saying "hi" from the MBC follow me club.

Creative Junkie said...

Awwww - poor little thing! I hope she feels better soon.

Helene said...

Awww, I hope she feels better soon!!

A friend of mine's mom used to trick her into going to the dr...her mom would say "let's go to the toy store and get you a new toy" and then on the way there, her mom would say, "we just need to make a quick stop at the dr's office". I laugh everytime I think of that!!

Kate said...

Oh man, I don't know what's worse, the sickness or being afraid of the doctor. I do somewhat vaguely remember you mentioning the dentist incident before, but I can't quite remember the details. My brain must have filled up with other stuff since then. Ha.