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Monday, June 15, 2009

Father's Day is when??

As I looked through the Sunday paper this weekend, I noticed that everything was 'guy stuff' this and 'guy stuff' that and realized that Father's Day must be coming. This is the worse holiday for me to shop for besides my hubby's birthday. It's not one that you need to spend a whole lot which makes it worse for me. As I looked through the ads, I laughed as I saw the different sales for Polo shirts, (what guy wants a shirt for a present?) hand tools, (my hubby pick up a tool and actually want to fix something?) camping equipment, (Camping? Enough said) and more clothes. What a waste of ad space. They should be putting drink mixes on sale so all the wives of picky husbands can get drunk after shopping for a Father's Day gift.

I slammed the paper down on the kitchen table and got on the Internet. I found alot of stuff that he would love, but of course they cost a small fortune and it's not Christmas and I don't believe in going overboard for a holiday that Hallmark invented to sell more cards. Apparently, he thought the same thing on Mother's Day because I didn't wake up to getting a full day at the spa.

So, I'm still looking for that perfect "little" gift that won't get me a usual, "Umm thanks, Honey" in return. Maybe I'll get him a gift card for McDonalds so he can get all the Big Macs his heart desires. I'm just all thoughtful like that.


The Four Week Vegan said...

Mine is getting shorts - yes clothing. Monty Python & The Holy Grail - you cannot go wrong with Monty Python. And I am making him Biscotti - I always make this for my dad for like every holiday, but never for dh and sometimes he feels slighted, so he gets it this year whether he likes it or not. Good luck finding just the right thing for your guy.

Creative Junkie said...

omg - father's day. I suppose I should feel grateful that my husband decided to buy his own gift this year without telling me and I didn't find out until the UPS guy delivered it - a pretty fancy GPS system that we don't need.

Which is probably why he didn't tell me about it.

Carrie Ella said...

Ugh! I'm thinking I may be doing the McDonalds gift card as well. When Jim needs or wants something he just goes out and gets it. So, I can't think of anything he would want from me, well, except the usual (you know what I mean...) Ha!

eight helping hands said...

I don't buy father's day gifts. mmmhhhmmm. Nope. He has everything already and besides if he needs/wants it he gets it. So he wakes up to breakfast in bed and a few hand made cards and a few boughten ones. That's what he appreciates the most anyway, the home made cards from the girls. Good luck.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I so indecisive when it comes to Daddy gift.... He always loves it, but it takes forever for me to find the perfect one.

Unknown said...

I too am so lost as to what to get the hubs! Fathers Day is the worst because men are so fickle. I love the McD's gift card idea...maybe I should get him one to like Jack in the Box, or wait, that's my son's favorite spot. Yikes, good luck...let me know if you find a great gift!