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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

This week's Words with a Blogger Wednesday will be set up a bit differently.

I won't actually be "talking" to any bloggers, but "talking" about one. Well, it's actually not a blog but has to do with blogs. This site's name is:

I kept seeing this tag on blogs and kept wondering what the heck it was but never thought to click on it. I'm just funny like that. Finally, I decided to click on it and it brought me to their site. I then found out that it was a place where bloggers can download free templates and backgrounds and banners and well, did I mention it was frrrreeeeeeeeee??

They have adorable designs and I'm all into the 'cutie' look and the 'scrapbook' look. If you are wanting a cool looking blog and don't know where to turn, then by golly, go visit them.

If that wasn't enough already, they also have lots of articles on the secret to blogging success and even a blogging community.

So, you really need to check them out-btw, this site is ran by two moms, Becky and Ashley and they actually have a blog too called, Two Moms Talk.

So, go check them out and grab some cool designs and tell them I sent ya!


The Four Week Vegan said...

I love this site and use it regularly. I am not tech savvy, so being able to change my blog look quickly and easily is such a good thing.

Melissa Deline said...

I love this site. Although, being free this means that other bloggers may have the same background/banner ect as you. I met a fellow blogger, who did a review for me and now we are becoming blogging buddies. We have the SAME background. Small - but Big world. I didn't think I would actually meet and be-friend someone with the same background!!! Have a peek at my blog! I've made my button/banner to match the free background!!!

Unknown said...

I use them for my template. Pretty easy and tons of cute choices.

Creative Junkie said...

Going to check it out - thanks Tess!

Opus #6 said...


Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

I LOVE her layouts!
Another good one is they are also FRRREEEE! woohoo for free right?


blueviolet said...

Hi. Following from MBC Follow me club. :) Yep, I'm back.

Lori said...

Miss Tess,

You are so correct. There is a double meaning, "reason" for the nightmare. I am working my way to all that. You are very intuitive.
Thank you for visiting me and taking the time to leave a comment.
Be safe, enjoy your weekend.