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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Major life changes

I'm drowning! Help! I'm drowning! Not really, but I feel like it. If you haven't noticed me on your blogs as much that's because I've been very busy working on editing photos from that wedding I did a couple of weeks ago. But, please don't abandon me because I haven't been around!
You see, I have a tendency to take about 400 photos when I do a wedding and I also have a tendency to want to go through ALL of them and edit ALL of them. I know that you don't have to use all and you are supposed to just go through and pick out your favorites and the couple will never know that you took a picture of Uncle Ralph kissing cousin Betty, or that Aunt Suzy was picking her nose during the ceremony.

I'm very anal though about my photos because they are all my babies and I just can't bare to just "toss" any out without playing them up and cropping them and well, that's just the creative side of me itching to play.

I'm surprised that the couple haven't emailed me, wondering how things are going and if they might just get their freakin' album anytime soon? I'm almost done though and then I will work on the album part which is the most fun. After that, I'm all on pins and needles until they give me the "thumbs up" to send it to print. It's almost the worse part of the whole "shooting a wedding" to wait for that approval email. Will they like it? Do they hate it? Am I going to have to move to Alaska so they won't find me?

Now, I have to tell you the silly part of all this. You know how I said that I will never shoot another wedding because I can't handle the stress? Well, I've made a big decision last week. I'm going full time with the weddings. Hello? Are you there? Wait. There's someone at the door. Why hello, Internet! What are you doing standing there with a frying pan in your hand????


Aim said...

Tess, I think you'll do great with the weddings! your photos are amazing!

Carrie Ella said...

Oh, I love the photos. They are so crisp. That bride is beautiful - she looks like she could be on the cover of Bridal Mag. I think you'll be great!

The Four Week Vegan said...

Beautiful pics. I am sure the couple will be so very happy. You can totally do it!

yonca said...

Hello! Following from MBC. Have a great day! Yonca

eight helping hands said...

Very, very good photos! Also that wasn't the internet standing at the door with a frying pan, that was me!
Good luck with the new wedding photo adventure! I think you'll do great!

yonca said...

Hi Tess,
Thanks for your comment.
Follow button is end of the page.

Creative Junkie said...

Congratulations! That a huge decision!

And if those photos are any indication, you made the right one.

ConnieFoggles said...

Fabulous photos. I don't blame you about being "anal" with your craft. That's why you do it so well. How I wished you lived in Kansas and could do my daughter's wedding!