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Monday, June 1, 2009

Living up to the title of my blog

Being the mom of a teenager has awakened my respect of my mom who raised three girls who were teens about all the same time. My first time experience with a teen that tested every breaking point in me over the years has conditioned me for my other daughter. I tell her that someday she will call her older sister and tell her "thanks alot" for getting in fights at school, totalling the car after getting her license, lying about where she was all the time and having a son at an early age, because I will be doing things WAY different the second time around. My youngest will NOT get a car at sixteen, sleepovers will be at our house and if I can figure out how to install a GPS system in her rear, I will.

All those perfect parents will gasp in horror after reading about my oldest child's actions and call me a horrible parent and send me terrible comments- oh yeah, I already did have a little troll tell me I was terrible awhile back when I first started this blog. Luckily, they were given the Nobel Peace Award and no longer have time to stalk me. No parent is handed a manual for raising kids and all we can do is try to teach them to do good and hope that some day it will kick in.

With that, I'm still paying for my mistakes made with the first one. The other day she gave me a scare when I called her in the morning to wake her up to get ready for the day (mental note: teach other children how to use an alarm clock). She had to get up to take finals and it was getting near the time she needed to be there. I called her and did not get an answer. I called back and still no answer. Ok, now I was beginning to worry. Crap-I could feel another grey hair growing. After about twenty calls-yes, I'm a crazy mom like that-I called the hubby, frantic and yelled at him to go find her. I'm sorry, but you can't not answer your phone if you are the child of a mom with a vivid imagination. I mean, I write suspense stories. All sorts of crazy thoughts went through my head. Surely, her and the baby were kidnapped and held for ransom. Maybe, they went for a drive in the woods late in the night and the car broke down, leaving them no choice but to stop at the creapy dark house that happens to be right in the middle of nowhere. Now, they are being chased by some guy in a mask with a chainsaw. You see, you better have that phone glued to your ear if you are my child.

As I was freaking out on the phone to my husband at his work, he quietly tried her from his cell phone. She finally answered. I heard him calmly ask her where she's at and why she didn't answer the phone. Then I hear him tell her, "Call your mom-now."

I was relieved that she was ok but then I was instantly angry. I hung up from my husband and waited for her call.


"You better be in the hospital!"

"Mom, I didn't hear the phone."

"After twenty calls?!"

"Yes. Sorry."

"Do you know what you do to me when you don't answer?"

"I know, Mom."

"If you don't stop doing this, I'm going to never talk to you again."

"I know, Mom."

"Well, you better get ready so you aren't late."


There was a lecture thrown in there too and maybe some swear words but, I think you get the picture.

I always tell my son that when I have a heart attack before I'm fifty that he can blame his sister and to make sure that my gravestone states:


Aim said...

Tess, I'm with you on the imagination thing. I always go to worst case scenerio when I can't get in touch with somebody. I'm glad that she was not lost in the woods, being chased by a serial killer. :-)

Carrie Ella said...

Oh, lordy! I've had two girls and two boys and I know first hand what you're talking about. It's insane sometimes.

Unknown said...

i think the worst stage is from 18 -22... they're not quite adults and no longer kids and completely legal to do almost anything and everything bad...

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

We are having these phone issue with my son now. I keep asking him why we pay for a cell phone if he never answers it when we call.

I won't count your gray hairs if you don't count mine!

ConnieFoggles said...

I feel your pain and have your (well my) gray hairs. I no longer call or go crazy when there's tornadoes where my daughter lives. I've accepted that she'll answer the phone when she wants to. It may sound mean, but she's an adult (22) and wants to be treated as such and that's what I do now.

AudreyO said...

I have two girls. Both are grown now. My girls were not perfect. What I often found was that the parents of perfect kids just didn't know what their kids were doing. For example, my daughter would show me photos of kids making out while the mom would tell me "oh my little girl never dates boys, it's not allowed" So, while mom thought she was perfect, others were putting photos up on Facebook of miss not so perfect after all LOL.

Veronica Lee said...

MY son is 12 this year and I'm soooo not looking forward to the years ahead.