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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks? No. An unusual 4th of July.

Our 4th of July did not entail our traditional celebration this year. We usually go to my mom’s house and cookout, watch the neighbors shoot off fireworks and then eat dessert. This year, we went to see Eclipse, went shopping and cooked out (in) at home. A bazaar celebration, and one that left me feeling guilty.

I used to make sure that as a mom, I carried on the traditional festivities of each holiday. Painting eggs on Easter, going trick-or-treating on Halloween, leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Over the years, I’ve gotten a bit lazy, skipping some traditions here and there. While the two older kids are past a lot of the “baby stuff” as they would call it, my youngest is still only five and getting cheated out of a lot.

Though this was not a typical July 4th activity, she (Emily) loved going to see the vampire movie. She behaved, but I had to act a bit bad since the people back that sat behind us were annoying. Yes, they kicked our chairs as I predicted, and decided to eat their popcorn very loudly in our ears. Who would of thought that a bunch of teenage boys would want to see this movie with their mom?

I did try to add a little 4th celebration to our weekend; we found out that some neighbors were shooting fireworks off in the field behind us so, we headed out back and picked our spot in the field to watch the display. After about 5 minutes of getting attacked by mosquitoes, we all decided to march back into the house and call it a night.

Am I a horrible mom? I am going to try to not surrender to being lazy and skipping out in celebrating each holiday the way it's supposed to be celebrated. I promise that next holiday I will get off my butt and my youngest will not be cheated.

Let’s see, the next holiday is Labor Day-whew, at least that will be an easy one. Maybe we can go out of town that weekend. Wait, my grandson’s birthday falls on Labor Day this year. I also have a wedding to shoot that Saturday. Crap!

What's next? Halloween?

I’m on it right now.


Brian Miller said...

haha. would not feel too bad...the fact that (no matter what you did) you did it together, speaks volumes....

sheila said...

lol, don't feel bad. We didn't do anything this year either. My kids are older too and it's like...ehhh, whatever. I felt bad too....but I think that's just something etched in a mothers brain about everything being perfect or within the norm....I bet your kids will remember THIS forth more than any other. Because it was different...and fun.

Creative Junkie said...

No, you're not a horrible mom! She's not going to remember the details, but she is going to remember that she spent that time with you. And THAT is what counts.

Veronica Lee said...

Don't feel bad Tess! You're a wonderful mom.

Have a nice day!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Actually...this July 4th...was pretty quite at our house too :o) Our older daughter and her hubby are in Indiana for his residency...our younger daughter had to drive back to Lexington, KY to get ready for her dental board exam...but our son did drive down here to stay a couple of weeks before he heads to Hawaii... He spent the day catching up with friends, but the July 4th evening was spent at home eating Low Country Boil and my hubby, son and I just....hanging out. :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
(Thank you for stopping by!!! and also want to say you and your kids' photos on your sidebar are gorgeous!)

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Why thank you!