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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

XOXO Gossip Girl

Guest Post:
Written by my friend Judson Kelly
The calendars of myself and my family members are blocked off for Monday nights. You'd never guess what show we all just have to watch together, Gossip Girl. At first it was just sort of a joke. We were searching through the channels we got when we got tv and and internet through direct TV bundles. I knew from a few friends that it was a bunch of rich teenagers living overly dramatic and amazing lives. Everyone watched it with the sole intention of just laughing about it, but we all got hooked pretty quickly.
Even the men in my family got hooked. That is by far the funniest part of the situation. My dad and brother say they watch it because the girls are pretty and they like to laugh at it but I know they secretly want to know what's going to happen between Chuck and Blaire and Serena and whatever guy she's dating this week.
We like this show because it is nothing like actual life. Watching reality shows are ok and some citcoms are funny but you can relate them and sometimes that makes them boring. None of us an relate to living on the upper east side of Manhattan in New York but we'd all like to pretend for an hour or so. Monday nights at 9:00pm you know where to find me.