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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moody Food Review's Holiday Food Gift Guide

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm doing a Holiday Food Gift Guide over at my food review blog. I've searched far and wide (I've always wanted to say that) for unique and tasty treat ideas for that hard-to-buy for relative, friend or even the mailman-hey, he might actually close the mailbox lid if you give him something for his tummy!

Anyway, you can find the list here. I'm posting five ideas a day until I reach 25 ideas. Here's a sampling of some of my picks.

Idea #1
Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook ($16.95) Ok, this one isn't food, but it's food related!
My husband is getting me this book because he loves me-or maybe he doesn't want me to rip his head off if it's not under the tree Christmas morning.

Idea #3
27 Baby Witch Brownies Gift Tin from Fat Witch Bakery. (Retail: $45) Assorted Selection: 9 Fat Witch Babies, 9 Blonde Babies, 9 Walnut Babies.
I love, love, love these. You must try one of these before you die.

Ok, I have to end my Christmas gift ideas for the day with something that containsed chocolate. Have you ever heard of this before? What a cool idea and you can use it on salads, as a marinade, and even over Ice Cream. Something you can put on your salad AND your mint chocolate chip ice cream? These people should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for making such a product. Santa, please put a bottle under the tree this year.

So go check out my other ideas and please keep checking back cause, well, my mom said you had to or else! ;)


Aim said...

I'm a little creeped out by something that can go on salad or ice cream....but it is chocolate so how bad can it really be?!?

2Wired2Tired said...

Chocolate vinaigrette? Interesting. I think.

The Brownies Gift Tin sound delicious!

The Four Week Vegan said...

I really wish I could do a food basket gift thing for my dad. He is so hard to buy for! Sadly, he is on a low sodium diet due to kidney disease and I haven't found any pre-packaged food that isn't high in sodium. He likes treats, but I have to make them from scratch to make sure low sodium.

Susie said...

Those are GREAT suggestions!! The vineagrette sounds REALLY good!!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

The chocolate vinaigrettes?? I'm intrigued! I think I want some!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back, love your blog!

More Than Words said...

Wow, 2 in 1!! I'll have to check that out!

Those brownies must be good for $45!!

And I may have to get that cookbook too!!

Liz Mays said...

They had those fat witch brownies in a hotel I stayed at last year and they are really good!

Creative Junkie said...

Hey Tess - Amazon has PW's cookbook for $11.50! I about choked when I saw it at Barnes & Noble for $27.99!

Holly Lefevre said...

Thanks for stopping by HipWeddings the other day (I am way behind!). Fun ideas...I am hooked. I want the Pioneer Woman Cooks Book too. My son lives for Balsamic Vinegar - I know kinds of odd to give a kid Balsamic Vinegar, but it will make him happy! I have a home/kiddo blog too (
I will be your newest follower!