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Friday, August 27, 2010

Aren't neighbors fun?

Sometimes, it's nice to have neighbors. Sometimes, not so much. Especially when it comes to arguing with them about the tree they planted years ago, not realizing that it would some day grow over their property line into our yard-and it's A WALNUT TREE.

Here is this lovely tree.
Did you know that walnut trees grow walnuts?

Did you know that walnut trees that grow walnuts drop those walnuts on to the ground?
Did you know that when you unknowingly park your car under a walnut tree that drops walnuts on to the ground, it does this to your car?
And this?
Then, when you talk to your neighbor about the... okay, I won't repeat it...he says it's our problem. Really? I don't think that's what the judge in small claims court will say.

In the meantime, I sure hope none of those walnuts that fall off that walnut tree end up flying horizontally across the yard and land on one of their cars.

I'm just kidding.

Or, am I?


Christina said...

Oh wow, what an ... well, you know. I thought my hot Russian neighbor was bad.

secret agent woman said...

Oops! I have a walnut tree in my back yard - I have to pitch them into the woods so they won't mess up the lawn mower.

Annette Piper said...

Ouch! Here in Australia some councils would require the owner of the tree to cut back the offending (overhanging) branches. Hope you get some satisfaction through the courts!

How to Shop for FREE at said...

You might be legally entitled to chop off the branches that hang over the property line to stop the damage. If they say it's your problem, then you should have the right to implement a solution. What jerks!

Brian Miller said...

did you know that when you are kinds they are great to battle with but can leave some nasty yellow stains on your clothes that your mom will not be too happy about...err...smiles.

ack...sorry about the dings...