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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winter is coming-do you have your thermal wear?

I know thermal clothing is the last thing you are thinking of right now with all the heatwaves going on daily. The truth is, winter is right around the corner, and you may need to start thinking about how you are going to keep warm when the weather starts to turn chilly.

We have relied on thermal clothing under our clothes during the winter months. A great source for thermal wear is Damart online. They carry vests, tops, pants, hats, mittens and other thermal wear.

If I had to pick a favorite thermal wear, I would have to pick this:

A pretty way to wear thermal. Be sexy AND stay warm-is it possible? I guess so!

The hubby always wears his thermal pants during the cold months and I have to say, I love to see him in them. Okay, is this too much information?

Anyway, when you start getting your warm clothes ready for those cold nights, check out Damart for all your thermal needs-they also have other products available as well!


Aim said...

as a person who likes to plan ahead and is typically cold- this was a great post! thanks for the info.