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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words with a Blogger Wednesday!

It's Words with a Blogger Wednesday-are you so happy I've been keeping up? I'm trying!! :)

This week's blogger designs blogs. I am VERY picky about blog designs. I don't like too cutesy, or country, or too "cold" looking. Carolynn from I Love My Blog Makeover uses just the right combination of style and colors to create beautiful and eye catching blogs!

When did you start blogging and what made you decide to blog?

I started blogging at the beginning of 2008... I had no clue what blogging even was, my sister-in-law actually got me to sign up for one. I was pregnant with my first child at the time, and my sister-in- law and other family members used blogs as a way to keep in touch, share pictures with each other and so on. So I figured why not, and started a personal family blog. I didn't start my "My Blog Makeover" until February of 2009.

What kind of blog do you have?

I have a blog that offers Free Blog Backgrounds, Accessories, Tutorials, and Freebies. I have been working as a graphic designer for 7 years now and when I started blogging, I was inspired by "Cutest Blog on the Block", I really loved the idea of being able to customize your background. So I decided to making free backgrounds as an outlet for myself to do fun backgrounds and share them. I also used them as a way to experiment with other types of design that I hadn't before.

Do you make money from your blog?

Amazingly enough, I do make money from my blog, most of it coming from Custom Blog Design. In the beginning, I had no intention of making money or even trying with it. I did not even have the desire to do custom blog designs. I was slightly afraid of custom blog design because I was not very good with HTML and CSS. Most of my graphic design jobs consisted of print work, never web. I guess that people liked my backgrounds enough to contact me and ask me if I would do custom blog designs for them. I wasn't going to turn down the work and I really started to love doing custom blog design. It has since offered me the chance to be home with my kids 24/7, and I love it!

What do you do to network/promote your blog to bring in readers?

I don't really remember frankly how it started, just family and friends really. Actually my first follower (which seemed so cool at the time), was a young girl from Australia. I have no idea how she found me or anything, but it seems kind of like a chain reaction. When someone uses my background, someone else sees it, and so on and so on. So at first I didn't do much at all. Now that I have some traffic, if I am trying to promote my blog, I do giveaways, tutorials, freebies. Anything that I think someone would like. I mean who doesn't like free stuff ;)

How do you balance blogging and family?

Wow, this is the hardest part. It is really tough, I sometimes wish that I could throw out the blog, and give my 100 and 10% to my kids all day, but then I remind myself that my blog is the whole reason that I am able to spend all my time at home (with out it, I would have to get a normal job, and who wants one of those). To break it down though, when my life is not a hectic mess, like it is now (just moved, and I have a 2 year old, and a 3 month old), I try to spend 1 hour a day blogging, 5-6 hours a day designing, and the rest with family. I think that the biggest thing that helps me balance it all is just knowing how lucky I am to be a Stay at Home, Work at Home Mom.

How frequently do you post?

Like I said, when my life isn't totally hectic, I try to post every day, or at least every other day. The last 4 months though, it has been more like bi-weekly (ahhh...)

Do you own a business and blog about your business?

I do own my own business, it is called "Design Forte". It encompasses all the design work that I do, from the custom blog design, to all the other design I do for local businesses, and anyone else that contacts me. You can go to my website here: but it is kind of lame, because I never spend much time on it.

What do you recommend to blog about?

Blog about what you are passionate about! If you aren't interested in it, your readers won't be. Also family blogs are fun, I find that it is such a great way to keep in touch with my relatives, especially ones that I live further from and wouldn't keep in touch with otherwise.

Have your readers influenced you in any way?

My readers have completely influenced me! I am soooo grateful to them, with out them, I couldn't be home with my kids every day. Many many of my readers inspire me as well. I do custom blog designs for many different bloggers, and I really find that I am often inspired by their blogs and their journeys. It is interesting because sometimes I don't feel like I have much to offer, but blogging is fun, it is a way to share, and be shared with.

Has blogging changed your life in any way?

It has totally changed my life, just for the reason that I have said over and over, being with my kids!> Who are your favorite bloggers?This is hard, because there are so many! I love pretty much all the blogs that I have designed for, but here is a short list of my very favorites: (she has totally inspired me with her weight loss and outlook, love her blog) (I don't know how you couldn't love her blog, tons of freebies, fonts and fun ideas) (I am not sure if this counts, but this is my hubby's blog and he inspires me in every way :) (Cher has the FUNest blog, she has cheap date ideas, and so much more for keeping your romance alive with your husband, it is a fun read) (Her blog inspires me in so many ways, the design is beautiful and so refreshing)I could go on forever and ever....

Do you have any advice for newbie bloggers?

The best advice I have to give to new bloggers, especially if you are trying to earn money on your blog..... don't give up and give it time. No blog will be successful overnight, but if you have something to offer that is fun and unique, you will get readers.

Thanks so much Carolynn!

Please visit her blog and tell her "hi" and that you found her here. :)


Karli said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comment. Have a great week! :-)

elizabeth said...

Hi - stopped by and love your blog and your advice!!! I was drawn to your blog first because of the title - it's great {and the show by the same name was great also!!}
I have enjoyed your post's and will continue to check back on you - thanks for your kind words also!!! Happy thursday