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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Words with a Blogger Wednesday

This week I'm going to get you hungry by sharing with you some wonderful foodie blogs that I drool over. These are blogs that have wonderful and unique recipes, beautiful photos, and awesome looking blogs.
I've mentioned her blog before on here. She takes wonderful photos and her recipes are unique and look tasty. She combines products that I would never think of using together. I get lost in her blog and her dreamy photos make me feel like I'm having lunch in the country at a dear friend's home. She also runs great contests and has a book coming out.
Don't you love this name? Anything with chocolate in it has to be good, right? This Canadian has another winner food blog and by all the awards she has listed on her blog, she must be! Beautiful food photography and delicious recipes to match. This blogger also is a food photographer works for a food magazine-I'm so jealous.

Cook Sister!

A spunky blogger, this gal has a fun blog with fun posts. She lives in England-how cool- and talks about what it's like to live there. She's even nominated for best food blog, so make sure you vote for her. Who else could make a BLT look so elegant?

And Then I Do The Dishes

A down-to-earth blogger and mom of three, this foodie blog is pleasant and sweet. She shares her recipe creations and adds other photography as well. She lives in Canada and showcases beautiful Canadian landscape photos. Her yummy (and easy) recipes are a sure hit for anyone looking for what to make for dinner or a snack.

White on Rice Couple

I always knew food bloggers lived a romantic and exciting life. This blogging couple lives an adventurous life and document it on their busy blog. This food blog is actually a food, garden, travel and photography blog-whew, I'm already tired! They have wonderful photos to drool over and you will have fun reading about their busy and exciting life.

I could go on and on with all the great food blogs out there, but I will stop with these to tempt you to go visit them and get hooked on them as well. Write down a recipe or two while you are there, make it and send some to me-I'm hungry!


Aim said...

all those blogs are making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

hi, those look sooo tasty!!!! those blueberry tarts!!! Thanks for sharing!
i have been following your blog, please stop by and say hi!

Brian Miller said...

ooohhh...i am so hungry now...that blt looks good...

Annette Piper said...

Oh no, my mouth is watering now.... I'm going to have to go looking for something tasty and I'm sure there's nothing in my pantry or kitchen remotely as tasty as these!

Victoria's Voice said...

Now that I am following your blog, I am starving. Stop by and say hi sometime.


Victoria's Voice said...

messed up the web url...


Now going to find something that looks as good as the food I saw on your site....belly is growling. :)