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Friday, August 20, 2010

The first day of school

My son started high school yesterday. I asked him how his first day in big bad high school was and all I got was an "ugh" and "I don't know" out of him. He's officially transformed into a teenage boy-enough said.

Today was Emily's first day of kindergarten. At the beginning of summer, she didn't want to go. But, the closer it got to the first day of school she started getting excited.

I, on the other hand, was totally sad and didn't want her to go. Having her gone during the day would feel like I was missing an appendage. She assured me that everything would be okay.

Our conversation on the ride to school went like this:

Emily: "Are you sad, Mommy?"

Me: "Yes-I'm going to miss you."

Emily: "Don't be sad. Do you remember when I was afraid to go to the dentist?"

Me: "Yep."

Emily: "Well, after a couple of times, I wasn't afraid anymore. Soon, you will be able to drop me off at school without being sad anymore. You will be okay-I promise."

Now, I'm really gonna miss her.


secret agent woman said...

My son started high school last week and had a similar reaction. But today a girl called and invited him to go to the football game with her

Veronica Lee said...

She's such a sweetie. What a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend, Tess.