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Monday, October 13, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

Last week, it's come to my attention that my youngest daughter and I share a bedroom. She's had a real problem with sleeping on her own practically since she was born. We started out with a crib that maybe got used once. Then, a Dora toddler bed which I ended up having to "squeeze" in it with her until she finally fell asleep. I finally got tired of having a sore back, that I got her a full size bed to give us more room. My husband begged me not to get it because he kept saying that it would be too easy for me to just sleep in there with her and I'd never come back to bed again.
I laughed and said he didn't know what he was talking about and ordered the bed. Emily loved the her "big bed" but still insisted that I lay there with her. I have to admit that it started being easier to end up falling asleep myself with all the room. This was actually 3 months ago and I didn't actually pay attention to how many times I end up staying there all night until my other kids started calling my husband's and my room HIS room. I would get mad and say, it's MY room too! The too older ones would just laugh and say, yeah, right.
I was convinced that they were exaggerating until one day, my three year old asked if she could watch TV in "Daddy's room".
Ok, maybe my room IS the pink one with princess decorations.


Dana said...

that can be a tough habit to break for your daughter once you start!!!

Helene said...

I'm in the same exact boat!!! I've let our daughter sleep in our bed with us so many times that it's become a regular thing. I have no idea how to break the habit...I can't stand for her to cry and I desperately need my sleep so maybe I'll just deal with it when she's 13 yrs old and doesn't wanna share a bed with me anymore!

eighthelpinghands said...

cMine baby is five and still comes into our room almost every night. It use to be she wouldn't sleep until we laid down with her, it took us a long time to break it. It so hard, especially when they're all cute and cuddly.

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Barb said...

Pink isn't that bad, is it? ;-D

Tina (mummifiedx5) said...

We currently have our 19mth old sleeping between us each night. She starts out in her cot but in the middle of the night, she won't go back to sleep unless she's in our bed.

All our kids done it and eventually grew out of it.

Jade said...

Oh that sounds like a difficult situation - I agree with dana that this could be a difficult problem when it continues...just my 0.02 cents;)

Creative Junkie said...

that was the one piece of advice my mother insisted on repeating ad nauseam when my first daughter was born ... NEVER let her sleep in your bed and vice versa.

I hope you've got a good exit strategy?

Tammy Warren said...

Oh me...been there done that! Now that they are older I wish I could "be there doing that" again. There is a balance to this. I broke mine by just telling them that I would sleep with them two nights on the weekends, then I went down to one, and then it was over.

It is tough. I can truly say enjoy it while you can. In the process though you must start branching away to give her self confidence.


Doré said...

I got a kick out of this. Our bedroom has now become more of our son's room. He is 14 months old and his bed is still in our room. I'm not sure I ever want him to sleep in his room. I'm actually not sure his bed would fit in his room now. It has been overtaken by too many toys!

Cathy said...

Oh goodness. We are working on making my little on sleep in here room too. I'm not quite sure how that's going to work. We have one on the way so Hubby suggested we have to start working on her sleeping arrangement. Good luck to us ha?