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Friday, October 3, 2008

What does a girl got to do to get a foot rub?

Last night, as my hubby and I laid in bed, we had this conversation:
Jesse: Ooh, rub my feet!
Me: Oh, that sounds like a good idea! Rub mine too.
Jesse: How about you rub mine tonight and I rub yours on Saturday?
Me: Saturday? That's TWO days from now.
Jesse: So?
Me: (sigh)


Jennae @ Green Your Decor said...

iiice. My hubby and I have conversations like that all the time about who's going to give our wee one a bath at night :)

Angela Moore said...

LOL. Sounds like a typical conversation in my house as well.

Your post is up!

Helene said...

Well, at least he tries to negotiate with you! If I asked my husband to rub my feet, he'd look at me and say "are you kidding?"

Dana said...

i hear ya!

Tena said...

did you tell him to forget about it? LOL!!!