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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wanting, Thinking and Feeling your Way to Accomplishments by Manon Leroux

Wanting, Thinking and Feeling your Way to Accomplishments

What does wanting, thinking and feeling have in common when it comes to accomplishment, well they are all linked to how much or little success you will allow for yourself.
Wanting, well wanting is the root of desire and it is good. Wanting is about growth and expansion we should all be wanting more or better. Don’t minimize your “wants” they are creative gifts for your growth and the seed to your accomplishments. Creativity begins with desire; allow your desire to manifest themselves by honoring your wants!
Thinking, thoughts are things I am sure you have heard that before. Yes your thoughts become your belief, and your beliefs are the foundation for your results. So basically you can have all the right tools (education, training) but if your belief about your ability is not good you will most likely never achieve the level of success as someone would with only that, a grand belief of their ability to do anything. So make sure you belief are in alignment with your desires, meaning whatever it is that you want make sure you believe you can have it.
Feeling, feeling is the attraction, like in the law of attraction. This is the magnet that will pull all that you need in order to achieve your goals that will lead to your success. How you feel about what you want, let me give you an example if you want wealth but you believe wealthy people are bad you will not be successful at accomplishing what you desire. You must feel good about what you want, you want that job and it feels great just thinking of getting it.
Can you see the difference?

I wish you success with your accomplishments.

Manon Leroux, Founder of The Passive Income Queen Blog. A Blog Serving Work from Home Moms to Attract More with Losing their Sanity!


Rie's Cubby Corner said...

Great post. Sometimes confidence is the only missing ingredient.

Brian Miller said...

yeah, i can dig that..nice article

Liz Mays said...

they say you should visualize what you want and you'll kind of bring it to you. I really wish I could do that!

sheila said...

Great post, and so true. People need to just take a step back sometimes and listen to themselves. Positive thoughts. Confidence. Beautiful.